Losing Votes – Senator Gerard Rennick’s letter to the Prime Minister

This evening I sent the following letter to the Prime Minister advising him that I will withhold my vote from the Coalition until a number of issues are dealt with.

To summarize briefly, people who have suffered injuries from the vaccine need immediate financial support. Some employees may get support from Workcover but this won’t cover everybody who has been injured.

The indemnity scheme needs to available immediately rather than start next year. Furthermore it should kick in from the first dollar and be open to anyone who has incurred an injury not just those who spent a night in hospital. This is important because people are being turned away from hospitals.

Vaccine mandates need to be lifted immediately. They should never have been implemented but they are going to cause so many issues including labour shortages, endless legal lawsuits, loss of livelihoods, discrimination etc. Most of all, people who have suffered injuries from the first jab should not be forced into getting a second jab. This is unmitigated cruelty.

Rapid antigen tests are a much better way to manage the risk of Covid. It’s beggars belief that Australia was shut down 18 months ago so that our health system could be ready to deal with a pandemic and now that hospitals are being overrun with vaccine injuries, staff are being dismissed when they are going to be needed the most.

I will work with relevant ministers in order to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

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  1. Commendable effort, thank you senator Rennick! I hope Morrison, the smirking assassin, will actually read your letter!
    It is unlikely that there will be a positive reaction to your demands because the duopoly government (liberal/labor are clearly working to successfully implement the agenda demanded by the top level of the NWO.
    Goverments, both federal and states are heavily involved top down, together with mainstream media to push through these deadly jabs by any and all means possible!
    We all know that the jab is not a vaxxine by definition in that it does not give any worthwhile immunity for covid. It is certain though that the JAB is the ultimate key feature needed to make the GREAT RESET a reality by 2030 as announced in Davos in 2019 by the Economic World Forum! So far there CONSPIRACY is working “swimmingly” with barely a hiccup!
    That is actually and surprisingly true to the point that “THE All” meant exclusively the elite themselves MINUS ALL OF US ORDINARY PEOPLE. The question for all of us is how will it end?

  2. I just sent him an email with a huge thanks! We need to acknowledge all MPs that are standing up for Australians and Rennick is one of them. Helps me to sleep at night.

  3. Thank you Senator Rennick. You are a person of brilliance and courage and integrity. First time in months I feel like I can breathe. Thank you for speaking out and standing up. There are a countless number of Australians in desperate need of the hope you provide that things may not necessarily go from bad to worse. It looks like we’re on the road to hell as a country, but your words and actions have the power to effect change -which we need desperately – now.