Victorian voters turning against Labor, Liberal parties


Major Events Minister Martin Pakula has backed voters to return to Labor in time for the next state election, saying it was common for Victorians to remain undecided a year out from an election.

It comes after exclusive polling for the Herald Sun revealed both major parties had taken a battering in support, with a swathe of voters either undecided or drifting to minor parties.

The United Australia Party has also moved ahead of the Greens, as Victoria’s third most popular party, with 7.4 per cent of people saying they would support it.

The poll, conducted a year out from the state election, found less than a third of Victorians – 32.4 per cent – said they would currently vote Labor.

This represents a drop of more than 10 per cent from the 42.9 per cent who backed the ALP to victory in 2018 and is only 2 per cent higher than the disastrous Liberal vote at the last election.

Support for the Liberal Party has dropped further still, from 30.43 per cent to 28.8 per cent.

By far the largest number of people, almost 40 per cent, said they were undecided or would back the minor parties.


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  1. The political party system is corrupt. The sheer numbers of Victorians that have filled the streets in protest of these tyrants means the only way they can return is by foul play, gerrymandering, rigging postal voting (aka Dominion), voter suppression, or removing voting entirely from some or all of the electorate. Of course these measures will be done in the interests of your safety…

    1. Unfortunately the Federal and State political major parties are all
      corrupt. I don’t know whether this is true, but I believe that more
      and more vaxed people are joining the Freedom Fighters!!! Do
      you know?

  2. Love this. We’ve been telling them they’ve lost our votes.…most of the vaxxed became so with a gun at their heads. There is no loyalty towards Andrews or Liberal at all from them.

  3. When Victorians learn the true extent of the absolute corruption, collusion and conflicts of interest with the Victorian Government, Pharmaceutical Industries and mainstream medicine they will be enraged even further – this is the same horrifying problem Australia wide and in USA and UK and elsewhere – Governments for a long time have become big pharma whores; they are dangerous to the health and safety of the populations – it is so serious – and there is no way they can mandate jabs/injections/vaccinations or any other medical treatments – partnerships/relationships/memberships/associations/revolving doors from Pharmaceutical Industry/mainstream medicine to Governments AND THEN THEY PULL THE MANDATED INJECTION SCAM – NO BLOODY WAY YOU CRIMINAL TYRANTS !!!!
    You are absolutely in deep shit and I hope there is huge numbers of people globally who sue all you mongrels in the political sewers via personal civil lawsuits for the covid injections/jabs/vax injuries and deaths BECAUSE IT IS YOUR HEINOUS ACTIONS THAT HAS CAUSED THESE INJURIES AND DEATHS and all the other suffering, trauma, distress and losses that you have caused !!!

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