WA Join the other States in repeating a dark time in history

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  1. Was he not listening when Sydney had to close a gym and a pub as soon as they opened to the vaccinated, ‘cos they all caught the virus?  Did he miss that a Melb. cup party ended up being a potential ‘super spreader’? This is not a about a virus anymore, if it ever was. It’s about total control of our population.

  2. Masky Mark is still popular here in WA, if you believe the MSM polls. But nobody does.
    The glitter started coming off StateDaddy within a couple of months of the election. But it was out of sight, low key. Now even the press are starting to ask tough questions.
    But he was probably stung more by the non-event that was Super-Vax weekend, 6 and 7 November. Vaccination numbers actually went DOWN.
    The health care system is in worse shape than it was in 2017 when Labor got power. But Mark’s booting out unvaxxed medical staff all the same. Rally at Parliament House yesterday:

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