People ARE waking up…be hopeful

I saw this message in a chat and it made me smile so I wanted to share it with you all.

Every time they lock us down,
every time they manipulate, coerce and patriotise us,
every time they lie to us or claim they “don’t recall”,
every time they ruin our weekend plans, weddings or parties,
every time they do something more stupid than the last thing…


I say…bring it on!
Bring on the lockdowns and tyranny,
bring on the corruption and coercion,
bring on the uncertainty and the unknown,


the worse they get…the stronger WE GET!

Next time you see a premier’s press conference and it makes you angry…remember what you’ve read here and turn that negativity into hopefulness.

We can’t win if we feel defeated and powerless.

They want to break us…we WON’T LET THEM!

Good always prevails…be patient. We’re here with you the entire journey.

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  1. Greetings Monica. We are rapidly running out of time. Our generation (mostly retired) are waiting for the reign of Elizabeth 11 to end, then we will support the rebirth of this Nation.
    A suggestion. Put “Democracy” to the foreground. We (the masses) will support that. The Age newspaper is pòrtraying RDA as an “anti” organisation. Herald/Sun is ignoring your presence.

    1. Jamba. No. It is worse than that. It is an endeavour to strip us of our assets. It is all about power and control. They are supposed to be representing our interests not vice versa. Keep asking questions. Good luck.