Warragul business STANDS STRONG – you gotta see this

This is what we need to see! Every day Aussie business stands up for themselves.

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  1. How can these state government public servants look at themselves in the mirror? knowing that they are betraying the very people who they are paid to serve?

    State government enforced medical trials is a betrayal, pure and simple!

  2. All these smug thug tyrants dictators and yes they are terrorists, think that they can do this to our innocent populations and get away with it! For these monstrous crimes against our innocent populations none of them will escape their due and rightful punishment! I still have faith that we will see a Nuremberg 2 trial and many are hopeful there Will be a lot of the Australian political and medical monsters et Al face judgement Day!

  3. Kylie is an absolute legend. Courageous and brave well beyond her years. I truly wish her and all those associated with her the very best of fortunes.

    As for those “officials” … well they demonstrated the very worst of what can happen when some people get a little bit of “power” or “authority”. How many times did that guy say “I NEED to see”? What he NEEDS to do is have a good hard look in the mirror.

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