WE DEMAND A DEBATE on Craig Kelly’s ‘No Domestic COVID passport Bill 2021’

Let me make something very clear…the Government is under no obligation to allow this bill to be debated and voted on.

It’s up to US to create enough pressure so they CAN’T ignore it. Craig Kelly and George Christensen need our help to make this happen.

You can read the final draft Bill HERE or watch Craig’s speech from today…


Below is an email template you can use and edit as you please OR write one from scratch yourself. Use the tool below to find ALL the Federal MPs in your area and email them with one click

Template Email

My name is XXX. I live in XXX electorate.

I am one of your constituents so my voice should matter to you. With the Federal Election coming up soon, I am watching your every move closely.

As you have heard, Craig Kelly recently presented his ‘no domestic COVID vaccine passports bill 2021’. If you haven’t heard his speech, you can watch it here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J9XMLNfrXM

As your constituent, I have a very simple message…

I expect you, on my behalf, to support this Bill being debated and voted on. I think the Australian people deserve a fair and democratic debate where facts and potential consequences are discussed openly?
During the last year, debate has been squashed on various topics but this is non-negotiable. A Vaccine Passport is discriminatory and contrary to our beautiful, free and democratic culture.

Even if I decide to get the COVID vaccine, I wholeheartedly disagree with restricting others who don’t want it.

The freedom and future of our country depends on YOUR actions. I hope you do the right thing. History will illustrate the stories from tthese times…can you say with 100% certainty that your name will be on the good side of history? If you cannot, please reconsider your path.

I appreciate your time in responding to my question.

Kind Regards,

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  1. My letter in today’s Age.

    “The very idea that the state can discriminate against Australians who refuse the COVID vaccine is divisive and an appalling affront to our civil liberties. No government should have the right to force its citizens to inject themselves with anything but that is exactly what a ‘vaccine passport’ does. The cornerstone of informed consent for medical treatments is that it is voluntary. If you are getting the vaccine because you will lose your job or will not be able to travel freely, that is not voluntary. It is coercion.”

  2. Fab Monica, I had sent an email a few weeks ago to my Sydney electorate members and what did I hear back Nada, zouch, zero. I will send them a MY WILL and MANDATE letter.
    As already posted about a MY WILL and MANDATE letter I sent to ScoMo and 3x other ministers re. the jab.

    Time re reminder them

  3. Another major reason why this should be opposed is because it contravenes the NH&MRC guidelines for informed consent and zero coercian, for conducting human research. As these are all experimental treatments released for emergency use then distribution must comply withe these guidelines. The same is true in the US. Please refer to this article by the inventor of mRNA technology: