Two Pfizer jabs = 5-6 times weaker immune…

The interesting thing about this video is he seems to be pro-COVID-vaccine. He is stating the facts but not realising how shocking the data is…

This is how unconscious our so-called medical and scientific professionals can be. Intelligence doesn’t always equate to common sense…unfortunately.

A pro-covid-vax person would watch this and think it’s totally normal…”as long as I don’t die from COVID, I don’t mind having a weakened immune system…”

Common sense is no longer common folks.

This is one of the reasons our ‘visit your GP’ initiative shook the entire medical network in Australia. Somehow, through long-term indoctrination, the system has managed to put our medical professionals in a type of trance. It only takes one shocking truth to get them out of it…and we could be those people 🙂

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