INCREDIBLE NIGHT – Freedom Summit Downundder MELBOURNE

Sometimes, it takes me a few days to process when significant events.

The Freedom Summit Downunder 2022 – Melbourne event was such an amazing night. I’m still ‘coming down’ from the anticipation and excitement. I need a few days to recognise the gravity of it and appreciate all the different elements that came together to make it such a great night. In a few days, I’ll be able to give you a better recap.

We will have a recording of the event available within a week.
PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN HERE if you’re interested in a copy.

In short…WOW…I personally had such a great night. Everyone was in such great spirits and the whole atmosphere was vibrant, hopeful, and inspiring.

I feel very humbled to have been able to present to so many amazing people and have such amazing speakers presenting with me. The presentations were outstanding, diverse, and engaging. I just can’t thank everyone enough for their participation and support.

We’re doing it all again in Sydney soon.
We don’t have the date set yet, but if you’d like first dibs on a ticket, PUT YOUR EMAIL IN HERE.
We will email you FIRST so you get a chance to book straight away.

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