Where is Aussie Cossack

I am yet to be able to find out exactly where he is, but he is certainly in jail.

We all know the Aussie Cossack, he’s an outspoken freedom fighter who has a massive YouTube following. He’s not afraid to confront police, politicians, or anyone for that matter.

His ‘crime’ is that he spoke up at a rally against a symbolic punishment given to a local resident for child solicitation. He was charged with recklessly contravening a suppression order, recklessly contravening a non-publication order, and using a carriage service to menace/harass/offend. 

In America, child sex offenders are on a public registry so that parents and concerned citizens know where they are and can avoid them if necessary. In Australia, it seems we are protecting them…instead of protecting the victims and potential future victims. Why don’t we have a registry? Why don’t parents have a right to know if a pedophile is living next door? This is something that concerns me a lot.

I respect Simeon for having the guts to do what he did, but our legal system is set up to silence people like him, even when he’s speaking the truth and exposing a criminal. There are many things wrong with our criminal and legal system, this is one of them.

Since his arrest, hundreds of videos posted by Boikov to his popular YouTube channel have been deleted by Google and his account suspended. He had hundreds of videos and over 150,000 subscribers who are now looking at an empty channel.

Mrs Cossack says…’It’s just like the Nazis, in the gulags, in the concentration camps.’

Boikov was taken to Burwood police station and denied bail on May 19 in Burwood Local Court.

Boikov has pleaded guilty to contravening the suppression and non-publication orders.

Morgan C Jonas does a segment on Aussie Cossack

Boikov’s supporters gathered outside the courthouse, armed with a megaphone, protesting his innocence, and railing against Covid health measures.

Aussie Cossack arrested and thrown in NSW caboose for 6 weeks

YouTube DELETES his entire backlog of videos

Aussie Cossack Arrested: Why was Aussie Cossack Arrested? Charges Explained

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  1. Aussie Cossack (Simeon) is in Silverwater Jail, N.S.W., is being coerced to get the jab,
    denied bail because he wouldn’t sign up to cancel his Utube channel and all of its
    content. You will find more information on Carl Liebold’s Utube channel, I think it
    is called “Voice of Freedom”, and Carl has
    been keeping the public updated as much as he can and has interviewed many people, including Riccardo Bosi.

  2. The whole system is corrupt as we know.

    It is OK for MSM to make crap up put it on TV. Pictures meant to be of something current that were published 5 – 6 years ago. Same girl being rescued by 6 different individual people.

    They need to be reigned in as well. Hope one day the people fighting will win this. Not a lot has changed over the past 2 years it only gets worse.

  3. Not great that he’s been arrested. But – he and Bosi did serious damage to the freedom movement by casting shade on Hoodie, grossly misrepresenting Craig Kelly, confusing and dividing people from supporting UAP, and creating distractions away from valuable input, and triggering emotional turmoil, via their ‘shock jock’ styles.

    If we are to achieve true freedom, we need to mature beyond the vicious games of partisan manipulation and opportunists. Let’s come together on solutions, rather than continue the high drama of schoolyard politics.

    Thank you RDA family for encouraging this.

    1. I found it disgraceful how he agitated against Craig Kelly. Going as far as publishing a mutilated video in which Craig Kelly had responded, clear and in detail against defamatory and false accusations. That was bad enough and I suggest cost Craig Kelly many (decisive) votes, but what was worse in my opinion was that RDA joined this witch hunt on Craig Kelly’s party for what seemed personal political ambitions.

      1. Sadly I have to agree OzRita and we have seen where we’ve ended up and it’s worse than ‘shit creek’s.
        From now on ALL the people for freedom unite as one and never speak out against our own NEVER NEVER Kneecap each other ! We are dealing with more than political Mobsters !!!! THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN

    2. Well said Sidhe12. We are fighting for not only our lives here in Australia but the entire world against vile Evil and putrid corruption everywhere! Each and every person fighting for freedom remains loyal to each other and the cause of global freedom because we see the extent of evil.

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  4. Afraid it’s not good for the Cossack “ he is now considered a National security Interest “and he’s on remand for sentencing on Friday “ his Queen’s council Barrister is trying his best for the best possible outcome for him “