Why did NO ONE listen when it wasn’t too late???

The so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ who’ve been fighting against the draconian lockdowns for over a year have been trying to warn society about this unavoidable outcome…NO ONE LISTENED!!!

This is heartbreaking but we knew it would happen…NO MORE LOCKDOWNS!!!

This is not just the fault of the Government or the WHO…this is ALL our faults!!!

Complying your way out of tyranny DOESN’T WORK!!!

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  1. Yup….Monica.
    That’s where being FULL OF JOY, speaking to ANYONE & EVERYONE before being spoken to & SMILING will open up the doors slamming rapidly shut to human relationship – the whole reason we were put on this earth by Our Creator God.
    To be in Realationship with each other – lovingly BUT NOT ALWAYS in agreement.
    Unfortunately, for some – the voice of fear & doom is just TOO Loud…
    Love to you & Morgan and my special Bud, Simon..
    In Jesus Mighty Name Melinda in Geelong