This Is Why RDA Supporters Got Vaccinated

Read below to understand why RDA supporters got vaccinated….and it’s mostly nothing to do with COVID-19!

Results of a survey of 14,450 followers of the RDA website and Telegram channel show that 58.3% of people said the main reason they decided to get vaccinated was to keep their job.

To emphasize, the answer of “to keep my job” massively overshadowed all other reasons.

The second-most common reason – cited by just 6.2% of some 3,300 vaccinated respondents – was also work-related, with people saying they had the jab “to allow me to enter my place of work”.

The third-most common reason – and one that was medically related – was “I felt it was important to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community”. This was given as the main reason for getting vaccinated by 4.8% of respondents who had at least one jab.

Almost four out of five people (79%) chose a reason that was nothing to do with protecting themselves or others from COVID-19, but instead was to do with being able to lead a ‘normal life’.

Other reasons that fell into this 79% were: “to get out of lockdown/to be able to travel/ to be able to go to a wedding, a restaurant or a sporting event/to be able to socialise with friends and family/to take part in club activities”.

Since when did we have to have a VACCINATION to be allowed to lead a normal life?

This means that fewer than one in five (19.4%) vaccinated respondents said that the main reason they had a COVID-19 jab was MEDICAL.

Maybe the doctors and nurses administering the vaccines believe that all the patients are taking them because they want to protect themselves or others from COVID-19.

But as the survey shows, this was not the case for at least these 2,600 Australians, who say they had a vaccine for a non-medical reason.

Can the Health Minister honestly hold his head up high ever again? Can these doctors and nurses continue to truthfully look their patients in the eye while faced with the huge dishonesty of this vaccination campaign?

For our consent to vaccination to be valid, it must be given “voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation”, as per the words of the Australian Immunisation Handbook – a Manual produced by the Government’s advisors on immunisations. (Australian Government Department of Health, 2021).

But in reality – rather than an explanation of risks and benefits to health of having the vaccine itself and a desire to be protected against the disease – people have been making their decisions based on sticks and carrots that are not medical at all.

Applying sticks and carrots to accepting a medical procedure is completely immoral and against all medical ethics. Yet State and Federal governments have allowed and encouraged their use – in some cases by directly enforcing vaccine mandates for certain jobs, or, indirectly by allowing employers to mandate them.  Making the ending of lockdowns conditional on a certain proportion of people being vaccinated managed to be a stick and a carrot at the same time!

Our survey provides evidence that valid consent was not obtained from these Australians.

Is this more evidence to be addressed at the second Nuremberg Trials?


Australian Government Department of Health Australian Immunisation Handbook, 2021, Preparing to get Vaccinated, Available at: (Accessed: 27th January 2022).


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  1. If vaccination is not in your work contract then your employer cannot force you to be vaccinated to retain your job, it is illegal. If they do they are breaking the contract and can be sued.

    1. That’s why you never resign and obtain legal advice, including putting the employer on the hook if you get adverse reactions from an emergency use medication that is ineffective and literally being forced aka mandated on the population. Truly a disgraceful chapter in Australian history as if we don’t have enough skeletons in our historic closet alread.

  2. Interesting that people still want to push others to hold the line, not get vaxed and loose their jobs. Has anyone successfully got their jobs back ? So called leaders / influencers like Hood are financed while the rest of us have to fend for themselves. Not one group financially helps all those who have lost their job, the UAP are only interested in gaining members and winning the odd seat. Their owner a billionaire could help those in need fight on but no. We have Bosi parading in military uniform like a south American dictator, so embarassing. We have influencers like zzzz media and rebel news making a living out of others misery but have done nothing to help. All I see is Animal farm.

    1. I knew it would n’t be long before the woke media and disinformation pharma/govt
      agents put their 2 cents worth of dribble on this site again. RDA was the first group that
      caught my attention over two years ago who were pushing back against the avalanche
      of MSM and govt BS and continue to stand up and push back to this very day. We have all shared their tribulations and persecutions as an example for all us and we can never thank them enough. Memo to William Weller, if that’s your real name. You strain out a gnat to swallow a camel and your comment has zero context. Keep up the great work RDA.

      1. Didn’t take long for the shill protectors to come out for their poster boys and girls. And yes that is my real name. Like all communist type groups they fear anyone that has a different view. Your reaction proves what Alot of us have been saying for along time. When this is all over the truth will come out.

    2. Um, yes, I do know people who have their jobs back, or other employment. Not all employers are forcing the jab on their loyal employees. Hood is not financed by anyone other than the people who can and do support him, therefore, for him to support us. Someone anonymously paid for a site for the Convoy to Canberra to stay in, wouldn’t surprise me if it was UAP. Craig Kelly, leader of UAP, is a committed, and amazingly strong man. However, it needs big bucks to take on MSM and the Lib/Lab duopoly, and I for one feel very fortunate that we have Clive Palmer willing to throw everything he has at them. As the biggest political party in Australia now, we are a force to be reckoned with. Bosi I don’t know so much about but at least he stands up against the BS, and why shouldn’t he proudly wear his military uniform??!! Finally, thank God for Avi and Rukshan and Topher and Aussie Cossack and all of them. If it were not for them, we’d know nothing. They show us what MSM won’t.

      1. Kelly was part of the government. Never exposed the pedos and did nothing about the infected blood scandal after many of us contacted him about it. It’s all about him and reelection.

        1. WWilliam Weller / Melkersaga…….. you sound really unhappy with the whole kaboodle, but what to do?  If all this is so vexatious to your spirit, perhaps you’ll find like minded else where to appease your troubled heart.  Peace out brother ✌️