Why TGA Head John Skeritt must go over vaccine claim – a headline from MSM?

Why hasn’t adjunct professor John Skerritt resigned or been sacked as head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the body that approves – and supposedly monitors – the Covid vaccines?

Back in August, when approving the Moderna vaccine, while standing next to the prime minister at Parliament House, Skerritt made a patently false – and what’s more, a ludicrously false – claim about its effectiveness.

It was a claim that has not been withdrawn or ‘clarified’ by the TGA since. It throws into serious question the competence of the TGA and our ability to trust it to provide effective regulation of the vaccines and Covid medications more broadly.

Skerritt said that the vaccine was 100 per cent effective against death. Not 99 per cent or even 99.9 per cent, or even a more generalised ‘almost 100 per cent’. But an absolutely unqualified 100 per cent.

These are his exact words, taken from the transcript of the press conference at the PM’s website. “Moderna is even after six months, it’s proving to be 93 per cent efficacious against any infection, 98 per cent against severe disease and 100 per cent against death”.

For the more visually inclined, you can Google “Morrison, Skerritt and Moderna” for the YouTube video and watch as those words emerge from his mouth.

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  1. Skeritt must go?…Like hell he just goes away…we want that psycho arrested and tried for crimes against humanity….That scumbag and his hiding of the deaths the vaccines have caused is a huge crime….I have always been against the death penalty but when it comes to Skerrit and Hunt I am all for bringing it back