The day Australia WOKE UP

As thousands of protestors in Sydney and Melbourne turn out for World Freedom Day, mainstream media continues to diminish actual numbers of attendees while government officials criticize the groups as ‘selfish’.

Approximately 10,000 protestors from Melbourne and 40,000 from Sydney gathered in their respective cities on July 24 at 12pm to express their frustrations with lockdown, coercive tactics for vaccination and tyranny affecting their livelihoods and everyday lives. Another 180 cities around the world also took to the streets in defiance of similar authoritative governments, which are smashing private enterprise and small businesses globally.

Morgan interviews two highly skilled reporters who filmed what really happened at the protests. The first interviewee, Rukshan shows us how Sydney Police are just as aggressive as VICPOL and MCJ’s new team member, George Jamison who filmed police manhandling a female and an elderly man.

Common protestor comments were, “We’re here because we’ve had enough” and “Proud to be Australian” left attendees with lasting feelings of satisfaction.

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