GREAT NEWS – Women who set herself on fire IS ALIVE

See our first article about this HERE

We are SO sorry for relaying false information to you however we are also OVER THE MOON that we were wrong.

Unlike the mainstream media, we will always admit to you when we’ve made a mistake and be accountable for it.

In this instance we are SO GRATEFUL we were wrong!

We verified this through her minister (pastor).

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    1. Definitely! And this poor woman felt like a lot of us do but was beyond frustrated of her voice not being heard. And of course the MSM is nowhere to be found to show sympathy or to show the truth about what the message this woman left behind. Disgraceful!

  1. Budhist monks self-immolating in Vietnam in the 1960s made first page news all around the world.
    Mainstream media is now silent because it’s complicit in a global tyranny.

  2. Good to hear that she is alive but setting fire to your car is a stupid act to gain attention, it causes a fire hazard and can ignite nearby bushland and can cause a fire. Considering that the Victorian Government has been punishing the Firefighters of late, and considering its the height of the fire season, this was a stupid act.

    1. It’s better to focus on what drove this poor woman to do this in the first place rather than infer some culpable negative action. ” the height of the fire season, this was a stupid act “…really?

      1. I am glad someone else picked this up. Not sure what the “black swan” is on about. The incident was nowhere near bushland or any other area subject to fire a hazard. A silly comment completely out of context.

          1. Vehicle fuel tanks are not pressure vessels, which means that their sealing is not tight enough for extreme pressure to build and to cause a fire burst. For her to have caused a fire it would have needed to be a major head-on car smash or something similar. Which it wasn’t. She was parked and out of harms way except to herself. Why don’t you concentrate on what caused her to be in this condition?…the mandates, the lockdowns, the passports, the coercion, instead of accusing her and insinuating she is at some type of fault. Have some understanding and compassion instead of judging her regardless of her circumstances. You must be one of those Govt paid “Twitter Twerpers” who cast dispersions on anyone’s character who resist the official narrative. Go and get a proper job.

  3. Hoping this poor woman be surrounded by loving support and care.  When people have reached the depths of despair, they are prepared to die. Isolation, sadness and depths of despair this poor woman must have felt is beyond heartbreaking. Other matters, apart from exiting this world are, quite frankly, do not inhabit mind-space; it’s all about the ‘exit’ . Despair IS should destroying. Pouring petrol over oneself and setting yourself alight is no “attention-seeking” matter. Compassion and loving care is called for here.
    We need to redirect our focus here, while we remind ourselves that government policies drives people to feel such isolation and despair in these dystopian mores.

  4. Not sure why I can’t directly reply to your post, but shut up Gary, setting fire to yourself is a bad idea.

    Your no better than the ABC, labelling those who disagree with you as some “government spy” to deflect the argument.

    Don’t go setting yourself on fire now.

    Oh, and it’s totally Un Australisn to set fire to a car, dickhead.