VICTORIA – you can buy some time before getting fired

See full document here – COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions

It’s also below this video.

The deadline is not 15th’s 22nd October!

You may be asking yourself…why is one week such a big deal? IT IS! There are massive actions being taken place which can hopefully be published very soon.

If you’re being threatened with your job…SIGN YOUR NAME HERE. We are working on some big actions that you can be a part of.

Note: this advice applies to select authorised workers but does not apply to workers in residential aged care, construction sites, healthcare settings, and workers at school, childcare and early education services – as requirements for these workers have different timelines. READ MORE HERE

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  1. I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday so we’ll see what happens! My last day of work was today and I can’t be on the premises after Friday. I won’t book in for the vaccination, even though it would give me another week, it would be dishonest because I’m not having the vaccination.

    1. Well done, Claire. Although it is heartbreaking, you have done the right thing.
      My daughter has just been told “no jab, no job” because her boss if afraid
      of getting a fine. She suggested a way of her working from home, but he
      says it won’t work, he just wants her to get the jab. So I do understand what
      you are going through. Keep “holding the line”.

  2. Hi I was so excited to get your email that you can get exemptions. Can you please help me out and email me a list of great doctors to see because I have valid reasons to be entitled to one. I really appreciate it if you can help me im at the end of the line. Thanks x

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