are these ‘mandates’ legally enforceable?

YOU CAN SAY NO to the COVID vaccines...but why would you?

No one can force you to take the COVID Vaccine…not even your employer. They are not legally mandatory.

All COVID vaccines are only provisionally approved by the TGA and trials are not scheduled to finish until 2023. Even Greg Hunt, our Federal Health Minister, says that the Australian people are the trial itself. Click ‘learn more’ to see proof of this.

YOU CAN SAY NO to the COVID tests...but why would you?

No one can force you to take a COVID test…not even your employer.

These tests are not designed to test for viruses and the cycle-thresholds (number of cycles needed for the virus to be detected) are far too high. There is a lot of doubt whether a positive test even means you have COVID. Click ‘learn more’ to see proof of this.

YOU CAN SAY NO to wearing a Mask...but why would you?

No one can force you to wear a mask…even your employer. No one can refuse you entry or service for not wearing a mask.

Masks do not work to protect you from spreading or catching viruses. In fact, long term mask wearing can cause you, and your children, serious health issues. Click ‘learn more’ to see proof of this. 


Below you’ll find three letters written by a lawyer for you to use with your employer to say no to a procedure you don’t want. Print them out, edit them however you like, and send or give it to your employer. Most companies are reasonable and will respect your right to choose. If you have issues with your employer, please email us and we will help however we can

The Biosecurity Act also provides protection for us to SAY NO under the constitution.

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