3 Ways YOU can make a difference today!

On 27th October three important Parliamentary e-petitions close.

While signing a petition may not seem like doing much, it is a peaceful way of protesting and certainly better than doing nothing!

As Monica says: “During times of psychological warfare, collective courage of conviction will be our strongest weapon”.

Imagine if we could get all these petitions to over 100,000 signatures!

Imagine if we could get half a million signatures!

Please take a few minutes to sign these 3 petitions NOW.

EN-3364 – The ivermectin ban – An authoritarian threat to public health 

EN-3375  – AHPRA edict silencing health professionals 

EN- 3285 – Reject Biosecurity Amendment Bill 2021 

You need to be an Australian citizen or resident to be eligible to sign.

It’s important to know that there is a bug on the Parliamentary e-petition system which means you can only sign one petition at a time.

(It’s rather a convenient bug for the Government because it makes it harder for you to sign).

So, you need to click on one petition and sign. 

The Government will then send you an email.

Confirm your signature by going to your email and clicking the link

Until that link is clicked you have not signed.

Then you repeat the process for the second and third petitions! Easy!

Just one more thing – please forward this article on to 3 other people you know who share your views.

Together we CAN make a difference! 

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  1. I have not trust in Dan government in eny way they are full of corruption they dividing the Australian public and the did pay the union 🤔 to sell their own members the oll corrupts

  2. Dan Andrews should be arrested for what he has done to the people of Victoria
    It’s just like living in Nazi Germany, stop this nonsense now. The Politicians are
    all about lining their pockets but when I see what is happening to the children that’s
    the end for me. Wake up people before it’s too late

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