The new staff log-in process is the most intrusive we’ve seen

You can read the guide HERE

The ladies voice in the below video makes my body cringe. The patronising tone of her voice is subliminally trying to convince us that this is normal, that we have nothing to be concerned about, that checking your facial features, temperature, phone number and other personal details is completely normal. It’s NOT!

Where is the data going? How can we trust they’ll only use it for internal purposes? China says they only use their facial tracking systems for noble reasons, do we trust them? Once something is implemented, it’s very easy for the power to be passed into the wrong hands…if it isn’t already.

We’ve already seen police using the check-in data to solve crimes. What if I am considered a criminal, what if you are considered a criminal? Is that justification to track us outside of the parameters they say they’ve established?

All I can say is…it’s hard to trust them. “The past is the best indicator of the future”…and so far, every restriction and process has been abused bythose in power. I fear this will be no different.

This is doom and gloom but remember…BE HOPEFUL. There are. a lot of encouraging things happening 🙂
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  1. Thanks Monica — all your hard work is inspiring! So many of us were isolated before RDA came along. YOU give us all hope that at the very least, MOST wrongs WILL be righted 🙂 You’re an absolute gem! Rose