Forests of the Fallen

Forests of the Fallen

Sometimes you might think people have stopped advocating for things, stopped being active…THEY HAVEN’T.

A lady started this project ON HER OWN in Tasmania over two years ago. It’s time that Australia gets behind this project and helps it grow nationally. 

We’ve done big protests, mass emails, and letterbox drops…this is something new to try. It’s peaceful, impactful, and not that hard to do. 

These stories cannot be forgotten and the pain that big pharma and the government enforced on all of us also cannot be forgotten.

It is our responsibility to spread the truth. 

There are different options to help in the sign up form.

Interested to help them out or make one in your town or city?


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Thank you for supporting us!

Thank you for supporting the work that RDA does. You can support our work further by volunteering with us.