VicPol Action

Action Against Victoria Police - Matthew Lawson

Along with supporting Matthew Lawson’s case, RDA intends to help facilitate a larger Action against Victorian Police for their misuse of force in Melbourne on Saturday 21st August 2021.

RDA is calling for all those affected by this event to come forward. Whether you were physically assaulted or saw others being assaulted, please tell us your experience below. The more witnesses and statements we have, the better.

We will find out who gave the order and who fired the shots and we will make them accountable. 

Without justice… there can be no peace! We deserve JUSTICE.

Can you help with financial support for this action?

When/If we win the case, we’ll refund all the donations. We’ll also publish all costs incured at the bottom of this webpage.

Add your witness statement and support Matthew lawson's case

Thank you so much for your Support with this VicPol Action
(When/If we win the case, we'll refund all the donations. We'll also publish all costs incured at the bottom of this webpage.)