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In case you missed it, on September 2nd, Mr Craig Kelly called on the Government to immediately bring the ‘No Domestic Covid Vaccine Passport Bill 2021’ for debate and called a vote. In response to this proposal, the only other MP to vote in favour of the bill progressing was George Christensen.

This means that each and every other MP present on that day has absolutely no problem with there being vaccine passports introduced to our nation and seeing the erosion of human rights as we know them.

One positive thing that comes from this is that all sides of politics have well and truly shown their hand, and it is time now more than ever to let them know what the Australian people think about that.

We have listed the names of the MPs that were present that day in Parliament. The MPs that didn’t vote in favour of hearing Mr Kelly’s bill, and in return, have given their okay to have the population of Australia coerced into medical tyranny like other countries, including Israel.

We have listed both their email and phone number. Given that so many of the MPs who were elected to represent the people now fail to return our emails, perhaps a phone call would be more appropriate?

It’s understandable that at times it can be challenging to reach out to MP’s and not knowing where to begin with your conversation. But in this instance, the question is simple “Hello, Mr/Mrs …… can you please tell me why you didn’t support Craig Kelly’s No Domestic Covid Vaccine Passport Bill 2021’ on September 2nd?

Please reach out to your member of Parliament, and let them know just how this will affect you and your family.

And when election time comes around, remember these names when casting your vote!

It is also worth noting that the following MPs (69 of them) were not present for what could be arguably one of the most important votes we have seen until this point in the pandemic. Why did these MPs choose not to attend? Feel free to reach out and ask them why.

All members of Parliament listed below were present either on the house floor or via video link.

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