Nationwide REGIONAL protest THIS Saturday 12pm

Protesting is a Human Right. Even with the CHO directions in place, there are ways to voice yourselves while still abiding by the draconian rules. All these instructions give you a way of exercising your Human Rights whilst staying away from trouble 🙂

Also, many regional areas are not in lockdown but people often can’t make it to the major cities so RDA will always give regional areas a secondary option.

We’ve come up with a priority method. If no.1 is not feasible in your area, go to no.2. If 1 and 2 are not in your area, go to no.3. If 1, 2 and 3 are not in your area, go to no.4. I hope that makes sense.

1. Closest FEDERAL MP

2. Closest LIBERAL state MP

3. Council office

4. Memorial park/monument

We now have over 85 community groups all over the country. Some of these groups will be participating in this event and you’ll get to connect with them for future events.

If a group forms (all socially distancing of course) and someone there wants to create an RDA community group with the people there, you can. Take people’s emails and phone numbers so you have contact with them and then jump on the website to apply to be an Activator. APPLY HERE. Be sure to fill out the right form…it’s the ACTIVATOR one.

If you have your own group, Freedom Keepers, Stand in The Park etc…everyone and anyone who treasures freedom can come together 🙂

Have a lovely weekend Australia.

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