A certificate is just another word for ‘passport’…we’re not stupid PM

The PM’s ‘’vaccine certificate’’ is just another name for a vaccine passport. Time to man the barricades.
Craig Kelly’s ‘No Domestic Vaccine Passport Bill’ would prevent this.

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  1. They will try anything to make these vaccines mandatory. United we can fight them by exposing this faux pas international agenda for what it is…Fake! The law and the Australian constitution is still on our side despite what the Fake MSM news is trying to convince us of. Keep up the great work Moni and crew.

  2. If people do not wake up before we know it there will be check points to move around our own states and country, we will not be able to work, shop or socialize without vaccine papers. It sounding more and more like a Communist or Nazi state than a Democracy. Morrison and all his cronies have to go.

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