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  1. Plus they disappeared for the freedom protests. Maybe because Covid was performing all their communist goals of de-industrialisation, control, and decreasing carbon emissions. Furthermore, they are cowards. They also have said nothing of the vax push on our indigenous Australians, yet used to go around screaming in the streets ‘always was, always will be aboriginal land’, before heading back to their inner city mansions.

  2. It’ the question everybody is asking. The Left are completely AWOL in the face of the greatest injustice in Australian history. Just like PM Scott Morrison, the Left are pretending it’s not happening because they see themselves as chief beneficiaries to their long awaited international reset. To them it’s not an injustice if it promotes their global marxist plan. Hypocrites!!!

  3. The Left have abandoned their once noble ideals of income distribution, equal opportunity, social justice and a fair go for the poorest among us. This has been replaced with the politics of envy and their new mantle of The “Bourgeoisie Left” loving every moment of the chaos brought on us by the plandemic. All of their noble ideals are just a ruse to cover their real agenda. Hypocrites yes. Traitors indeed.

  4. Nah too much idpol for me. Fuck em. I don’t care if your black, trans, a woman. You could be an autistic wheel chair bound black trans lesbain from Kenya and Id still say fuck you. Get vaxxed ya drongos

    1. Hope you are kidding? Wrong platform if you’re not, in which case why are you even here? RDA  cares about ‘black, trans, woman, autistic, wheel chair bound, lesbians, and people from Kenya’, people from all walks of life. Go back to your anti-democracy life and kneel before your Dictator, lick his boots.  We will always fight against what you stand for .

        1. Very authoritarian to ban someone you disagree with. Andrews would be proud!

  5. As firstly a proud gay man I’m also proud to be unvaccinated but in saying that I have also supported my closest friends who had no choice and I will continue to support them.
    I’m very fortunate to work a small business who will not mandate, I also refuse to lie when I’m asked by customers I have been told “I don’t want to touch anything you have” as Monica has said it comes down to “courage of conviction” but again as Monica has said we cant take away support from the coerced regardless of their backgrounds.
    the road will be long but its a road I will personally see right through to the end I’m single and have no dependents so I’m able to sacrifice a lot more than most (I say that with no judgement & with respect) and I will continue to do so.
    I love you guys xoxo

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