A Passport to Nowhere

‘My reason to get vaccinated is to help protect my mum and loved ones. What’s yours?’ 

It’s a seemingly innocuous statement posted on Facebook by our Premier, Dan Andrews, as part of the ‘There’s a Million Reasons to Get Vaccinated’ campaign. The responses to his question are varied; from virtuous (‘to do the right thing’), to pragmatic (‘so I can travel to my home country and see my parents’), to panicked (‘to ensure that my daughter has a mother! Simple.’). Thousands of Victorians pour out their reasons, convinced they are on the path to finally beating the pandemic. 

Scattered throughout are those who express outrage (‘our refusal is to protect freedom!’), fury (‘to stop YOU from locking us up and to let my kids have a normal life out and about and most importantly be properly educated AT SCHOOL!!!’) and heartbreak (‘to keep my job and lose [sic] autonomy over my body and health choices – not the Australia I love’). 

Whatever this vaccine is, it has clearly come to represent a myriad of things across our divided society. 

Those who continue to resist are painted as the ‘unclean’. Vaccine mandates are being linked with loss of employment. Our Premier threatens an eventual ‘lock out’ from the healthcare system for those who continue to make ‘the wrong choice’, ‘for safety’s sake’, of course, because this is a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’. 

But is it?

We hear this line over and over, a testament to the idea that if you repeat something enough times, it will eventually become the accepted truth. 

As someone with no less than ten Chief Medical Experts at his beck and call, one would expect that our Premier would have been informed that vaccines do not, in fact, prevent transmission of the virus. This means that getting the jab to protect someone else is not at all how ‘The Science’ works. Perhaps the news of the rapidly failing efficacy of the vaccines (now reported in Israel as having fallen to 39%) hasn’t landed on the Premier’s desk yet? Maybe his advisors have been too terrified to share Editor of the British Medical Journal, Peter Doshi’s, recent damning assessment of the Pfizer vaccine data?

Unfortunately, it gets worse than that for the vaccine-hopeful. Recent studies have been trickling in with bad news. One from the New England Journal of Medicine entitled ‘Resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a Highly Vaccinated Health System Workforce’ soberly concludes: ‘our data suggest that vaccine effectiveness against any symptomatic disease is considerably lower against the delta variant and may wane over time since vaccination.’ Even more damning is a recent preprint from The Lancet, which reveals that ‘viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains’. 

Ouch. So not only does vaccination fail to effectively prevent transmission, but it might end up making a person more contagious for Covid-19? Some protection. 

Even the CDC appears to be quietly admitting defeat if its recent manipulations of the definitions of ‘vaccine’ are anything to go by (the latest iteration being to remove any reference at all to the word ‘immunity’). 

There’s one thing we can be sure of: whatever the vaccine offers, it certainly isn’t a guarantee of viral immunity—for Dan or his vulnerable loved ones. Handing out passports or certificates to the vaccinated are about as useful as that self-congratulatory frame around his Facebook profile picture. Just a puff of hot air. 

Sadly, there are people who are holding out for that magic passport, hoping it will get us out of the pandemic. The fact is, we’re being held to ransom – bribed and manipulated into getting a shot that makes little overall difference, all in the name of ‘doing the right thing’. 

Given that natural immunity is quietly being admitted to be as the most reliable source of protection against Covid-19; if the Premier really wants to help his mum and loved ones, perhaps he should instead consider furnishing them with a healthy supply of Vitamin D


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  1. The agenda is not to save us, it is to control and track every move we make. Submit to any tyranny aka mandate they impose or you get cancelled. I will resist the “jab” until I am unable to drive, bank go to the supermarket. I will obtain legal representation and let it be known that they are coercing me to inject unknown substances into my body that I do NOT want, further these supposed vaccines don’t even protect you from Covid nor do they stop you from transmitting it!

    Clownworld and Idocracy have landed.

    1. Hi Mark, I completely understand your feelings but I do believe the time is ripe to think outside of the box — I am a carer for someone with a horrific condition as a result of a series of adverse effects from prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, long since discontinued. This person has not been able to drive, bank, or go to the supermarket or even leave his home since 2013. Remember that it isn’t just one injection, it’s giving up access to your bloodstream for the rest of your life, in order to bank, drive, go to the supermarket etc. Many will ask, is that life worth living? However my intent here is simply to say that I have faith in human creativity, the human spirit, and the power of the collective. What is it that makes us human? Do we really need these current systems (of control) through centralised agriculture, banking, etc? What is stopping us from reinventing the ways we interact with each other, trade, etc? I believe these alternative ways of thinking will be essential to our survival. If you follow astrology, all of our current systems are scheduled for destruction anyway – as one astrologer puts it, we live in a ‘slavery’ economy which involves great suffering. Isn’t it time we ask if we really want to continue with the ways we have been living anyway? The terrible irony is that we will all be dependent on our mother, the Earth in all cases – as we always have been! This food comes from supermarkets concept is pretty sick anyway isn’t it? Farmers are being driven to suicide due to their slave-wages from being given so little…we could all be living so differently if we just had the imagination, don’t you think?

      1. And just to give an example, check out: https://openfoodnetwork.org.au/ In Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts and Ipswich, people can form buying groups and save $$$ on their food through organisations like Food Connect – https://foodconnect.com.au/ I’ve been to their fantastic community events and learned first hand from farmers telling their stories about just what this supermarket chain monopoly system is doing to them, it’s heart-breaking. I can also recommend looking at taking medical care into your own hands as much as possible for acute and chronic conditions — here is another enemy of big pharma (I believe the number 1 enemy among all forms of natural medicine) – homeopathy. Check out http://www.practicalhomeopathy.com to learn how to use simple protocols for everyday conditions which can save you $$$ as well as any visits to mainstream medicine. It’s also non-toxic, and incredibly cheap.