Adverse Reaction Victims TELL ALL #2

Eddie is a Victorian Open State Champion Bodyboarder Competitive Surfer and Multi-board rider…now he can’t surf in case he has a stroke and drowns!

This is his adverse reaction story. Thank you for sharing Eddie.

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  1. Great interview! Hope he recovers soon so he keeps his passion of surfing going and his business can thrive!
    I’m 100% with him in regards to getting people to wake up before the government targets our kids and schools. I can’t think of anything worse than seeing primary school kids with adverse reactions and then needing heart surgery to correct what this “safe jab” has done to their developing immune system and heart. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. I’m wish him the best! Such incidents must be shared to the wider public. People forget the 99.7% recovery rate for covid! And these vacc are experimental, with no toxicology studies done. There is no need to vacc entire healthy populations (unless there’s another agenda).
    To succeed in pushing back vacc for kids, we only need a month of all school students not going to school – stay home, join home schooling efforts or study from the web for a month (hopefully no longer) Teachers who want to save their own children should join in the effort.. teach the kids for the month in groups.. The education n related systems will grind to a halt. Before long, they will be inviting everyone back to school regardless of vacc status!! (Learnt this from an ex communist on how to peacefully take down corrupt govt systems without resorting to violence – he was interviewed by Au 1 party) It will work. We just need unity and working together.

  3. All the best Eddie and thank you.  Your testimonial will ensure anyone who is hesitant may say”NO, not for me”.  YOUR life is valuable.  YOU did NOT deserve to have this happen. People do need to be aware that we are expected to willingly partake in the biggest experiment ever conducted.