URGENT – Can the AEC prevent people voting more than once?

The answer is yes and no…and it’s happened before SEE ARTICLE FROM 2016

Let’s use an example; if there are 10,000 enrolled voters in one electorate, every booth gets the SAME pieces of paper with those 10,000 names on it. It is NOT an electronic system and there is no need to show ID. The best method they’ve come up with is to simply ask every voter…”have you voted already”. It’s an honesty system, and it’s very flawed.

What can we do about it? Well, the good news is there are usually plenty of cameras around each booth, especially if it’s at a school or church. Otherwise, we need YOU to keep your eyes peeled at the polling booths. If you’re volunteering on election day, keep your eyes open for any suspicious activity. If you see a group of people getting out of a bus or van looking like their on a mission, report it to the returning officer (person in charge at the booth).

I find it absurd that with the technology available to us today, why haven’t they figured out a better way to do this?

It would be quite simple. There should be an electronic system that is linked, in real-time, to each booth. When a voter comes in, you ask for ID and mark them off on the system. If they go to another booth and try to vote again, it will show up straight away in the system.

Imagine…it was completely ‘normal’ to show medical papers to go to a cafe and permits to travel outside our 5km radius, but we don’t need to prove our identity to vote…THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!

Once this federal election is over, RDA will be lobbying to change this old-school system.

SIGN THE PETITION HERE…and we’ll start lobbying for it straight away.

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