First things first, if you’re being coerced into taking the jab. FILL THIS IN AND GIVE IT TO YOUR EMPLOYER ASAP

There are a number of scare tactics being deployed this week.

From snitching on protesters to employers forcing vaccines on their employees, the coercion is ramping up to an all time high. These tactics will NOT work!

We have the law on our side…

Tony Nikolic (AFL solicitors) has been working tirelessly for our freedoms in the shadows…until now!

He left his cushy job in a law firm where his future looked secure and somewhat easy, why? To start his own firm so he could fight the cases he felt passionate about.

He’s been on Sky News, Asia Pacific and of course RDA 🙂 He also wrote a letter that’s been supported and recognised all over the world. See the letter HERE

Whether intentionally or not, he has become Australia’s leading lawyer for freedom.

Tony wants to hear from you if you’re being threatened or coerced in any way; whether it’s your employer, school or a cashier…he can help.

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If your employer is threatening to fire you because you were at the protest or because you don’t want the jab, contact Tony.

Email –

Phone – 02-8277-4556

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  1. Our freedoms have been slowly eroded over years and years of political tactics that have been hidden from the general public. Our current main political parties are both as bad as each other. My question is this. How far are you prepared to go to make change. We in my opinion need to look at ridding this country of the monarchy and it laws and manipulation. Why has Australia been registered as as debt securities corporation since 2002. How the hell did this happen ?

  2. The only way to fix our problems is to legally and properly change bad laws. We all need to vote for freedom candidates first and foremost. You can hardly expect any Court to reject the legal process that gives the Court its power in the first place….

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