Doctors can say no…it’s called Conscientious objection

We need hundreds of Doctors to say no together and save our lives!!! It sounds dramatic but it’s not. It’s their job to preserve life…now is the time to stand up!


Conscientious objection

In the case of a conscientious objection about receiving, authorising, prescribing or administering
COVID-19 vaccination, practitioners must inform their employer and/or other relevant colleagues

(where necessary) of their objection as soon as reasonably practical. For example, a practitioner’s
personal beliefs may form the basis of a conscientious objection to particular treatments.
In addition to the above, it is important that practitioners inform their patient or client of their
conscientious objection where relevant to the patient or client’s treatment or care. In informing their
patient or client of a conscientious objection to COVID-19 vaccination, practitioners must be careful
not to discourage their patient or client from seeking vaccination. Practitioners authorised to prescribe
and/or administer the vaccine but who have a conscientious objection must ensure appropriate

referral options are provided for vaccination.
While some health practitioners may have a conscientious objection to COVID-19 vaccination, all
practitioners, including students on placement, must comply with local employer, health service or
health department policies, procedures and guidelines relating to COVID-19 vaccination. Any queries
about these should be directed towards the individual employer, health service, state or territory
health department and/or education provider for registered students. National Boards regulate
individual practitioners and not health services or state and territory health departments. Queries
about COVID-19 vaccination programs should be directed to the Commonwealth, state and territory
governments which are responsible for these programs.
COVID-19 vaccination information sharing and social med

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  1. I just sent this to all the Senators. Took me a while but I did it.


    I sent this to Craig Kelly today

    Hi Craig.

    I thought I would take the time to thank you for bringing some sensibility to the madness that is happening in Australia.

    I am an expat living in Bali.

    You must understand that they are vaccinating people here with absolute madness., the same as Australia.

    I have also been following you and Stew Peters on Telegram

    We didn’t have much Covid until they started this extensive vaccination process and like Australia and many other places in the world, the virus seem to take off when they do this!

    We have been wearing masks here for 18 months now!

    If masks work, why aren’t they working.

    You and I both know the fact that they are useless but the hierarchy seems to not follow the science.

    Peer reviewed studies have shown that masks don’t work. Science!!!

    Seems a bit silly to put a mask on and ride your scooter thru the fresh air but when I walk inside the restaurant with bundles of people. I can take it off!

    Studies also show the lock downs are more deadly that not! Science!!!

    We are the laughing stock of the world.

    Sweden did it with no lockdowns!!

    I was the guy who posted Dr Zelenko’s Israel interview in your comment section on one of your Telegram posts. I have inserted the link so your fellow politicians I send this to can see the interview.

    They will then have no excuses, when called before the courts, to face the consequences of their actions

    I find it interesting that the people that aren’t jabbed are the intelligent. I wonder how many parliamentarians aren’t jabbed. Will it be mandatory for Parliament to be jab ville and all polies jabbed?

    I have a phone full of reasons not to take the vaccine and I have had Ivermectin in my cupboard since the start as I researched it early because I believed it was my responsibility to look after my health, not the government.

    Sadly, too many Australian sheeple have lost the plot including the Gov’t. State and Federal.

    I saw your speech in Parliament about Ivermectin and the miserable rabble we call Politicians didn’t even show up. Talk about concerned for their people. Not! Shame on them

    Now I see they have run out of Ivermectin. What incompetence.

    Even a bloke like me was prepared.

    My family has been taking Zinc. Vitamin D and C since the start and while we are immersed in the virus we have had no problems. We have Ivermectin in the cupboard as well.

    From here, I have watched Australia go from Freedom, to Communism in 2 weeks.

    The world is talking about Australian medicine being ruled at the point of a bayonet. Medical tyranny!

    I am aware of Reiner Fuellmich and the Nuremburg Code and their activities in Europe.

    There also is matter of the Magna Carta!

    What good is a vaccine passport if you can still catch and spread the virus after inoculation from their gene replacement therapy, like the English minister for health.

    He had a passport and the virus!

    I will be writing to all the Australian politicians and Governor Generals regarding this tyranny and supporting you, Craig.

    Allowing the state premiers to rule like tyrants is not what its all about. Give them emergency powers and they will always find an emergency!

    It was disgrace the way they treated George Christianson and yourself.

    The way they have let the Big Tech rule our parliament because it suits them.

    I cannot believe that they have let all this tyranny happen with no legislation from the Australian Parliament. None!

    My father was an ANZAC. He would be rolling in his grave!

    I will never see my 93 year old mother again before and after she die because of the tyrants. OK for the Queensland Premier go to Tokyo or Celebrities to come and go to Australia. But we. The Australian people don’t get the same treatmrnt.

    My sister in law has a small child and he is learning to speak. The best word he knows is Covid.

    What a disgrace we have sunk to for these poor children to grow up in. Wearing masks. My daughter can’t got to University with out the jab.

    They just came to the Uni one day and jabbed them all. No parent consent.

    I hope she doesn’t have the effects and Dr Zelenko is wrong but I don’t have much hope for that.

    I keep posting on Facebook to the sheeple and I don’t know how long until I get cut but I can see many of the people are waking up.

    If you read any of Scommunist Morrison’s posts, he is getting served up finally. He has to be removed. The same as the Lunatics in NSW and Victoria. I see some resistance there, which in the end could be rebellion. I wish I was in Aussie and I could do more but unfortunately I have to have the gene replacement therapy to board a plane in Indo and I am not doing that.

    I believe that eventually they will realize that doing the same thing that is not working, over and over again, is madness. Look at what has happened to the most vaccinated countries. The virus is rampant.

    India beat it with Ivermectin. Why are we going with this jab madness?

    Doctors are now calling for the end of the 5G as it is reacting with the heavy metals in the jab!

    Hopefully the Gov’t sees sense before too long and wake up and take back our country from these tyrants. I am concerned for my young Family.

    I know it’s not just an Australian problem. The tyrants from GAVI and Davos have to be dealt with.

    Anyway I thought I would just write and thank you and make you aware that you are not alone in this fight. Go the French. How long till the Australians do this? They can‘t lock us all up.

    Where is our Nelson Mandella or MLK ? As usual, too many, leaving it, to too few.

    Special mention to MCJ and Reignite Australia and Avi Yemeni.

    I heard today that Australia was also involved in the removal of Pres. Trump.

    I hope this is not true.

    Keep up the good work.


    Andrew James Young