Australian influencers Join Forces Emergency Live Zoom

Watch the live stream link of the Zoom call tonight at 7pm hosting a massive line of Australia’s freedom warriors.

Victorian Permanent Pandemic laws – Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021

Special Thank you to Live Guests: Nate Max, Dave Oneegs, Nick Patterson, Primod, Zac Galloway, Aussie Cossack, Triccy – The People’s Revolution, Topher Field, Raphael Fernandez, Matt Lawson, Maria Zeee, Graham Hood, Alex Cooni, Jemal Abazi, Jamie McIntyre & Monica Smit.

The Dan Andrews Government is in the process of attempting to pass a Permanent Pandemic Laws Bill this week through Parliament. This extremely egregious bill would give an all-new meaning to the term Dictator Dan. This bill means total abolishment of freedom for all Victorians, indefinite lockdowns (even with no pandemic), Dan will be granted ultimate power to make decisions despite opposing health advice given by his experts (He only needs to consider), punishing people based on ” characteristics, attributes, circumstances”, fines of up to 22k for individuals and 109k for businesses, up to 2 years in prison for not following the rules.

The only way to stop this is to make some noise by any means necessary, share this zoom, share our poster, talk about what this bill means to your friends, family, anyone who will listen. We need to make plenty of noise! The people of Victoria and Australia need to know about this.

Click here for the direct link to watch the live stream on Rumble tonight!


Download and Share the Poster EVERYWHERE

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    1. It’s a livestream. They are joining up via Zoom, but livestreaming on Rumble. Also recording, so it will be available for rewatches.

      The link is above the poster. Click on the text that says: “Click here for the direct link to watch the live stream on Rumble tonight!”

    1. See my reply above to Quirk… (link, rewatch option).

      Most important – download the poster. Share. Print. Contact neighbours. Local shops/businesses. Let everyone know – THIS was the goal. The virus was the distraction to make us confused, afraid, compliant – and not notice this was being snuck in.

      Keep it simple.
      Stay strong.
      Stay connected.

  1. We need to stop Dan government before he will destroy the future of the Victorian public the Dan Andrews he need to be jailed for his crimes against humanity an the hotel Quarantine for more than 800 people dead

  2. Can anyone tell me what is the point of these influencers? We just had the jab as there was no alternative. Hold the line etc does not pay the bills etc. Everyday now thousands like me are getting the juice Australia wide. These were the supporters of these “influencers” Money would have been better spent help us to live without the jab than financing candidates for the UAP that cannot change a thing as mandates etc are state issues. In my workplace of 17 nurses, 7 of us held the line but the loss in the NSW court destroyed all hope. By Monday there will be only one unvaxed and she’s on maternity leave. You need to change direction before you loose all support. It’s too late for most of us. Now we need help to fight the boosters etc. But is that something the “influencers” are willing to do? Is there more followers to gain by doing this. Will some of these leaders keep promoting guests on their show that will expose everything but never show? Will we see another fake leader pretending to be a CFMEU official while on the phone to head office again all to promote his rap career ? Or one that has had a dodgy financial past asking for money everyday by email? These are not influencers they are con artists. Reignite should not be involved with these people. Research them first.

    1. Yep. Look into how many politicians INVESTED in the likes of Pfizer and Moderna within the last couple of years. Bet ya ten bucks that Gladys sudden change of tactic was right around the time she invested in the companies that manufacture the poisons.

    2. It’s shit and it’s hard….  I think the point of the Influencers is that they are widely known and widely respected for standing up, loudly, for all of us. It’s just awful that many of us have had to take the jab for the sake of everything we hold dear. In my circle, some have had to, and some are holding out. Regardless, we are still together in fighting this BS government til the end. ‘IF’ I ever have to succumb to the jab I will become very p….d off, have nothing to lose anymore and will become even more determined to take this government down.

  3. I am truly sorry for all who have been blackmailed into getting the jab. Boosters will be required every 6 months now otherwise your jab status is ineffective. Unfortunately this was planned many years ago as this documentary shows: COVID-19 VACCINES DEPOPULATION PLAN EXPOSED! For any people who can ‘survive’ without getting the jab, it is only a matter of time until the unvaxxxed are blamed for the next variant and aren’t allowed into many/most businesses. This is so against the ‘Nurenburg Code’ – these people who mandate need to be held accountable!!

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