Australia’s human rights abuses deemed R-rated on YouTube

Go figure. The truth about what’s happening in Australia is only suitable for over 18-year-olds.

We don’t disagree with this, in fact, we agree!

The truth is brutal, it’s violent and it’s disturbing.

That’s why the world needs to see it.

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  1. So what we have is an abuse of power. The nature of how Youtube became the centralised platform because of its users content, and the nature of the need and desire for people around the world to be able to communicate with each other using one central platform which facilitates ease of use and makes possible this global reach.  Youtube, because of its market share has come to dominate the communication landscape of the world of the internet and consequently been able to dictate against our rights. However, With power comes the abuse of power and Youtube is no different than despots and dictators who have risen to the top of the triangle throughout the ages. Please use alternatives such as ODYSSEY, ROKFIN, BITCHUTE or RUMBLE… 

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