Tell SPC what you think…

We’ve been running this petition for a few days and it’s well over 5,000 signatures.

Already, SPC has had to disable their Facebook comments, their products have been broken in isles and stickers have been put on their cans telling shoppers not buy them. They are copping a lot of backlash..let’s keep it up. We aren’t doing this to see an Australian business go under, we’re doing this so other businesses see the backlash and don’t follow SPC’s lead.

We’ll be sending the final numbers to SPC on Monday (WITHOUT NAMES OF COURSE).

If you want SPC to know you’ll never buy their products again if they don’t change their mind on mandating the COVID vaccine, sign your name below.

I will publish a copy of our email to them on Monday.

Boycott SPC until they lift mandatory vaccines for their employees forever.

SPC has mandated vaccines for ALL employees as part of their employment policy. Sign this petition to send a strong message to SPC that we the people will never buy their products again until this mandate is cancelled forever. Any forced or coerced medical treatment is against the Nuremberg code and our human rights to have the rights to our own body! No Government or Corporation should ever be able to dictate these measures.

%%your signature%%

9,124 signatures = 91% of goal

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