Those Who Cannot Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat It

Over the last 8 months there has been a trend for the government to halt any information that goes against the current narrative. We have had surveillance officers being recruited by the government on the website to spy on their fellow kiwis. We have had in the media a constant stream of news about how dangerous misinformation and disinformation is, and we also have had a new government agency created specifically to deal with anyone who is deemed to be a dangerous dissenter. Any freedom groups have been targeted as groups spreading lies (even when the freedom group points out that this information comes directly from the government.) We are simply following history and the playbook that Germany used to control a population.
The bomb threats made against the schools in recent weeks fall into a nice little pattern that Hitler used when he was first placed in power. He knew that he needed to destroy any opposition and so we have the events described here
It was a very convenient and malicious act for RNZ (Probably at the request of NZ govt) to point the finger at the anti-mask/anti-govt groups. This is a perfect set up for what is to come.
Over the last week (after all the bomb threats in the schools) it is interesting to note that the MOE has sent letters to all the principals around the country in its newsletter and it specifically talks about reporting misinformation etc.
The following comes directly from the latest bulletin:

Misinformation, disinformation and abuse

We’re aware of a number of examples of disinformation circulating currently about alleged forced vaccinations and school lockdowns, as well as formal-looking certificates that are being shared within local communities and subsequently disrupting schools.
Guidance on how to report misinformation and disinformation can be found on the Unite Against COVID-19 website including:
· if you see content on social media that you believe to be false or misleading, you can report it to the hosting social media platform
· report to Netsafe any online harm including bullying and harassment, misinformation and hate speech/extremism. (notice that they have linked misinformation with hate speech/extremism)
Report false or misleading information – Unite Against COVID-19
Report harmful content – Netsafe
Misinformation, including leaflets and scams, can also be reported to CERT NZ.
Report COVID-19 misinformation – CERT NZ
· Contact your regional office if you are unsure if it is misinformation/disinformation.
· If you receive inappropriate contact online, you can make a non-emergency report to the police on 105. If anyone is in immediate danger, call Police on 111 straight away.
There are many legitimate sites where people can get the facts from. If you are aware of rising levels of misinformation in your community, you may wish to remind them to take care with what they share and encourage them to only go to credible sources of information. (only Govt websites)
Guidance on responding to false information [PDF, 758 KB]

Cease and desist letters

Cease and desist letters are a reasonably new tactic in New Zealand.
Overseas, including Australia, they are letters handed to government officials, including police, by anti-lockdown groups with the intention to intimidate.
The letters are usually worded in such a way as to avoid reaching the threshold for prosecution as the writer is ‘simply stating the facts’.
If someone receives a cease and desist letter by email, police suggest deleting it. If someone is handed a letter, you could simply decline to take it, or if you wish you could take it and dispose of it.

Sovereign citizens

These persons are bound by the laws of New Zealand like anyone else and do not carry any real or implied authority.
They can be trespassed and asked to leave like any other person.
If anyone has any concerns about feeling intimidated or being approached by people holding these beliefs, please contact the police.
NZTSOS has also had teachers working in schools stating that principals have said “Teachers need to:….censor what we read online and if we have political, historical, medical or religious views we shouldn’t share them even in a text as we could face SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES or termination.” We need to be looking at the past and seeing where this play is going. Another thing you may not be aware of is that the governments new social studies curriculum is deliberately including the teaching of misinformation and disinformation and how only the ‘reputable’ government websites are what students can use. Again we see a parallel in Nazi Germany.

So where to from here? Already we have a set up where the government can literally say whatever they want and it is truth while the truth is now seen as disinformation and lies because it goes against what the narrative is. We need to be aware of how this government is using the past to bring in their own agenda. And start calling it for what it is….. a direct hit on democracy and the play book for dictatorship.

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