‘A Day That Changed History’ 12 Feb

Original article by John Stapleton. Photography by John Napper and Janaya Markwell

Many people had streams of tears flowing down their faces. The emotion flowing through the entire crowd was overwhelming. See more photos and stories from the original article.


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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. What an amazing and wonderful day and thank you to each
    and every one of you. Unfortunately, we still have trolls and
    yesterday many livestreams were either taken down of
    “jammed”. I think, after yesterday, more and more people have
    a fire in the belly. The truth shall set you free/.

  2. Absolutely amazing. The freedom movement just can’t be ignored anymore. I am over my shitty with MSM and some politicians. Have written and emailed so many of them (Credlin and Bolt, expected more and thanks for nothing) but we don’t need them. MSM and Morrison and Albo (just go home?) have seriously underestimated that millions of people speak for millions and millions more. And we won’t forget or forgive.

  3. Monica I was so sorry not to see you or recognise your voice on the main stage. I heard the wonderful speech by the Canadian Truck spokesman but couldn’t see the stage. Great speech…super! may God keep your energy high. You’re inspirational and a breath of fresh air in this toxic world. You help me cope with the monstrous horror unfolding on our doorstep that my family and friends fall victim to. I was with a widow whose husband was murdered by this shot with IMPUNITY last weekend and know too many others who have died and are not on any official figures. The doctors talk the bereaved out of autopsy and all is buried. Hold the line. Rx

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