Clive Palmer spends millions on front page ads!!!

How great is this…!

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  1. Clive is standing up for our Constitution. He is trying to preserve our liberty and constitution.
    It saddens me greatly to think how so many of our fore-fathers, gave their blood and lives in horrendous battles for our liberty and constitution. They faced overwhelming odds of death and debilitating injuries without modern medicines.
    Today, too many surrender, without even a whimper, our liberty and constitution for .01% of a chance of discomfort and safety.
    Today, Mark McGowan trampled on the graves of our forefathers that gave so much. He trampled on our constitution and he has snatched our liberties setting himself as a dictator and ruler above the law.
    I believe in only peaceful action, but we must act to protect liberty and our constitution.

  2. As njb13 said Mr Palmer is standing up for our Constitution which our service veterans, including my grandfather (WW1), my father (WW2) and my friend (Vietnam War) gave their all. They are and always will be my true heroes and my example of how to stand up and be counted in this time of government betrayal. We need to stand united, reignite the true mateship of Australia and continue the battle for our Constitutional right to be free!!!!
    Thank you Mr Palmer.

  3. I don’t much like Clive, but I do like his actions against the WA government. Mark McGowan is a corrupt, law manipulating, CCP pandering, dictatorial, empirical Grub and must be stopped by any means.