Coerced vaccination of teenage girl: Horrified mother speaks out

Single mother, Ruby Jones*, has been devastated to learn that her 15-year-old daughter, Melinda*, was vaccinated without her knowledge or consent. 

Ms Jones became alerted to the situation on 16 September 2021 after receiving an anonymous tip: ‘You don’t know me, but I believe your mother has booked your daughter in for a vaccine, and I believe your daughter is hesitant.’ 

Unfortunately, it was already too late. 

The grandmother appears to have obtained Melinda’s Medicare card in advance and allegedly filled out the consent forms herself beforehand. Melinda attended her grandmother’s house for a rare sleepover, unaware that a booking had been made for the next morning.

Despite the fact that the medical centre in Cronulla had never seen Melinda before as a patient, and there being no evidence of a formal guardianship arrangement, the receptionist processed all forms and failed to call either Ms Jones or the father to seek their consent. At this stage, the vaccines had only been available for use in 12 to 15-year-olds for four days.

The current NSW Orders provide that any child under the age of 16 must be accompanied in person by a parent or formal legal guardian who must provide identification in order to confirm their identity, confirm the details of the person being vaccinated and to confirm their relationship as the parent/guardian of the person receiving the vaccination. It is understood that the grandmother provided no formal identification or guardianship documentation. 

Ms Jones is not a so-called ‘anti-vaxxer’ – her children have received all previous vaccinations. However, given the experimental nature of this vaccine and a myriad of concerns that have been flagged both in Australia and overseas in relation to increased risks of myocarditis in children and potential impacts on fertility, Ms Jones had thought it prudent to delay any jabs for her children until long-term health impacts became more evident. 

‘If I had an adverse reaction, I could deal with that,’ Ms Jones says, ‘but my kids have their whole lives ahead of them. We’re a healthy family – we take vitamins, eat well, the kids exercise, we’re not overweight. For a 99.9% survival rate none of them are in a high category of risk. The decision was up to me as the primary carer and legal guardian to make.’

That being said, Ms Jones would have been more than happy to let her daughter make the decision for herself after she had reached the age of consent, however, the fact that this has now been taken out of both of their hands is unforgivable.

Of particular concern is that Melinda’s history of blood clots was not known by the grandmother and so this was not declared on the consent form. Neither was the grandmother aware of any other medications that Melinda was taking in order to flag these for the doctor. 

When Ms Jones confronted her mother about the incident, she was largely unapologetic, declaring that it was Ms Jones who had made the mistake in not taking her daughter to be vaccinated herself. The medical clinic was also unhelpful when she called to complain, initially refusing to release the consent forms to her and attempting to minimise her distress.

Thankfully, Ms Jones was able to access homeopathic remedies in order to help her daughter, but she is understandably upset by the predicament they find themselves in, with the abuse of power exercised by her mother, and the complete lack of due diligence demonstrated by the medical clinic. 

Ms Jones is currently investigating her legal options.

*Real names have been withheld due to privacy considerations.


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  1. Such a sad thing that grandma thinks she has the right to make that discision, well that is going to cost grandma dearly as that is Assault under common law. Not only that but I would say grandma has just lost a daughter and grandaughter. Said times we are living in.