We now have 84 community groups around Australia

These groups are managed and resourced in an organisational structure.

Groups are autonomous but also have access to our guidance and resources. HQ hold weekly meetings with the group Activators (leaders) and are constantly upgrading and brainstorming new ideas to fight for our liberty. Groups usually meet on a fortnightly basis. As a group member, you can be as involved as you like. It’s free and it’s social…you’ve got nothing to lose.

If you want to join an existing group OR make your own SIGN UP HERE

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  1. I hope the Community Groups are all Home Schooling!

    Even though I watched this on Rumble, I’m sharing the YT version since it’s easier to add a YT video to a watch later/history list.

    Have a watch and listen to the disgusting teacher who was recorded and the things she was saying to her students (Skip to about 3mins if you don’t have time for the whole discussion). The education system is literally At WAR with families. Now more than ever is the time to do Home Education and remove children who can be influenced by lies and propaganda. I realise this video is from the U.S. but we’ve already seen plenty of evidence that indoctrination tactics are happening in Australian schools as well: