An open letter to the government: Why are Australia’s quarantine camps going to be staffed by prison officers? (And other important questions)

Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

I know it isn’t fair to jump straight to conspiracy-like conclusions about these quarantine camps. Maybe your motives are not sinister at all. Maybe this really is about ‘health and safety’ and ‘stopping the spread’. 

Yet, there are several red flags that must be addressed. 

Firstly, the name. If you don’t want us to think that you are constructing an Orwellian reality, please don’t call it a ‘Centre for National Resilience’. Maybe this isn’t quite at the ‘Ministry of Love’ level, but let’s just say if I was ever unlucky enough to be a ‘guest’ in these facilities, I would studiously avoid Cabin 101. 

Secondly, the staffing. Prison officers are great and all, but really? It isn’t exactly reassuring to be told in a recent community briefing Zoom that this is because they bring ‘a really strong understanding of command and control and also what a rule means and how a rule should be applied. Also, after the recent show of brute force by police in Melbourne, finding out that ‘VicPol provides the support around the security elements for all of our operations and will continue to do so’, is just a tad concerning.

Thirdly, if ‘universal vaccination’ is our path out of the pandemic, why do we need these camps at all? Surely it isn’t for all those unruly ones holding out against being vaccinated…is it? The reference to ‘future emergencies’ sounds just a tad ominous. Let’s hope we don’t need to employ ‘strike teams’ as a recent Washington State government attempted to do (and then quietly edited the job ad to hide the reference). 

Finally, you realise that the world is laughing at us, don’t you? There are the constant memes describing Australia as ‘the world’s largest prison camp’, a New York Times inside scoop describing people being confined in these camps ‘like animals in a zoo’, and a viral tweet from James Melville showing drone and news footage with the caption: ‘Meanwhile in Australia. Quarantine camps. They are so far down the rabbit hole now.’

I’m trying hard not to don a tin-foil hat, but it’s getting just a little difficult now. I guess as long as you don’t promise to be our ‘single source of truth’, we’ll be okay? 

Won’t we?


A Concerned Citizen


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  1. Makes you wonder if unvaccinated persons wanting to visit their family across a state border would soon be required to go to these camps and be held for some time, before approved release back into the community. Will there be an internet connection at these camps, how is the 4G service?

  2. Our beautifully ignorant premier in Queensland has given the “Go Ahead” for the camp depicted at the head of your letter.
    The name of the district is “Wellcamp” ——-you can be certain that it will be anything but a Well Camp.
    Never fear all is catered for even the Cremation at the rear of the site and the barbed wire fence to keep imposters out?
    She has said that the quarantine period will be “indefinite”. Yes ,of course that may well depend on how tough the inmate is!!
    All jokes aside, these are already in planning construction!
    Why are our lawyers so slow to “take on “those who are breaking the laws of our Constitution??
    These camps may well be needed to house those politicians who are breaking our constitutional laws.
    Look at the world past history!! 1917 in Greece same scenario perhaps not so “High Tech”or widespread but same agenda.

  3. Quick question…I might be interested in doing a breadmaking big are the ovens?…and are they fueled by ‘gas’ or electric…

  4. I work at Hungry Jacks and they are introducing a rule that if you are not vaccinated you cannot sit in the dining room. This may be a government mandate but I still think each individual business must be held responsible for their actions. My thought is we are entering a Health Apartheid! A segregation not of nationality or skin colour but of our vaccination status. I feel that individual managers and crew may ignore it but it angered me that the people of this nation are being divided by our government leaders. Just like in South Africa where the black Africans were segregated from the whites and treated like second class citizens unvaccinated individuals will be refused entrance or access to certain benefits because of their status. Financial, employment, entertainment and economic segregation could result from this situation causing the unvaccinated to suffer. Are we going to have unvaccinated ghettoes?
    Despite the so called freedoms given back to us, we must continue to FIGHT! A precedent has been established that the government can shutdown society whenever they want to. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!





    We got this xoxox

    1. How can it be the mark of the beast. Don’t spread your jelly brained religious BS lies here. Is the needle going to be injected into the forehead or in the right hand? You don’t know ANYTHING. Except what so called ministers who love a following & being exalted and being in the limelight tell their stupid sheeple congregations.

      1. Sir, I think it is against your kind of prejudice against people’s personal beliefs that Reignite Democracy Australia is fighting against. People have the right to say, believe and take care of their own health. I also do not believe this site was set up for people to insult or attack others. I suggest you look to another site to expound your views.
        To hold such anger suggests you have either been hurt by someone of faith or your being convicted yourself. I suggest you examine the reasoning for your view before offending others.

  6. I already placed several comments on “facebook” and other social media about urgent need for Nuremberg #2 Tribunal and restoration of death penalty to all state premiers, cabinet ministers and chief health officers on the grounds of High Treason, Nuremberg Code and violation of basic Human Rights. If an executioner is required, I would be happy to volunteer and honoured to eliminate all above listed species from planet Earth. See no breach of my Hippocrates Oath as all listed are not any better in comparison with blood sucking mosquitoes.

  7. Probably a good move for political capitol but a poor move for control over party policy. I won’t be joining UAP. I thought I had found fresh leadership I could trust enough to join a political party in the RDA, but do not feel the same about UAP leadership. Will keep looking for a party for me, thought this was the one, apparently not. Good luck with UAP, looking forward to my refund, will spend it on toasting your untimely death when I’m finally let back into a pub.

    1. To each their own. But you just nailed it, WHEN you are allowed back into a pub. Stay with Lib or Lab or Nats or Greens and it will always be WHEN you are allowed to do anything at all. It’s going to take a huge backlash to stop what’s happening and RDA/UAP together have the numbers. And really, who could be worse than Morrison and the current premiers ruling worse than Hitler?

  8. Firstly Mr Morrison
    And your codicile state premiers and all Australian law enforcement officers state and federal restore public trust by the public by way of publicly being intravenously fed covid vaccine of all brands by an independent body of medical practitioners over a period of 5 days at a level of 1 litre per day just to show us how effective it is and how harmless it is.
    Also your paid thugs aka state and federal Police should be vaccinated daily for the safety of the public so as not to spread the virus.
    I personally think that is a fair and just way to gain back the trust of the public
    Ps as for that psychopathic Queensland premier thinking she is going to set up COVID camps like Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen in my opinion she is criminally insane like her gene collecting father HEINRICH PALASZCZUK fathered her into the job as a politician

  9. What is going to happen is obvious and clear. Much of it was spoken of in the wonderful prayer and pushback video meeting!
    People not conforming to government demands will end up imprisoned in these concentration camps. That is all part of the plan announced in 2019 by THE NWO in Davos. Unless we “really” stand up to this we, all of vaxxed and unvaxxed will be doomed, nothing more nothing less!!!

  10. NaziAust that’s what this is to gather up all the citizens who don’t agree with the Government narrative to shut us up lock us up and throw away the key..Wair until the UN soldiers come to take us away with no liability for death caused..I’ll die fighting!!

  11. The buildings for these camps are being built in Morrabbin Vic and have to be ready by December when Dans new Permanent Emergency powers come in. With these new powers he can permanently suspend parliment and everyones freedoms. We have not learnt from the past, see Discernible on youtube.
    Looks like the New World Order is a thing.