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If you own a business, and you have a client list, send this to them.

If you have a list of your friend’s email addresses, send this to them.

If you have any list of any kind with email addresses, send this to them.

You can also download the ‘how to vote video’ and upload it to your own social media accounts or channels – DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE

You can edit this email template by downloading the word document HERE



You know me, and probably trust me, to some extent…so please give me 2-5 mins of your time to hear my suggestions on the upcoming federal election.

The last two years has proven that the government, left unchecked and unaccountable, can have a huge impact on our lives, both professionally and personally.

I have good news though…WE CAN CHANGE THIS! Most of us have voted for a major party in the past because we thought it was our only option, it’s not anymore!

Many of us didn’t know much about politics because it didn’t impact our lives. Now that it has, we have a responsibility to MAKE OUR VOTE COUNT so we can maintain our personal and professional liberties for ourselves, and our children.

There are several minor parties to choose from who will better represent our voice in parliament. There is also an amazing new resource where you can print your OWN how-to-vote-cards…

Watch this video to at least the 5-minute mark and you’ll know exactly how to vote in this election –

If you can’t be bothered to watch it, email me back with the name of the suburb you live in, and I’ll do the HOW TO VOTE CARD for you in 2 mins. Save it to your phone or print it out and take it with you to the booth.

Chat soon.

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