Day 7 Update from John & Lise about Monica

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. Thank you dear Mr and Mrs Smit. You are all in our prayers, and we want Monica back. No wonder Monica is so brave, with parents like you. God bless.

  2. Thank you two, very much.  I imagine every one of us thinks of Monica every day more than once.  I am believing and hoping that with all the attention (maybe not mainstream, but certainly elsewhere) that the powers that be are hanging their heads in shame of their behaviour.

  3. Thank you Pop & mom , Monica & Morgan, RDA family, you are not alone..We are All in this together..United We Stand. You are in my thoughts every waking moment.

  4. Thank you for updating us and continue the fight for OUR lives.
    Not many people are aware of Monica, RDA or what is happening to our country behind the cameras. I am passionate for this cause and bring Monica’s injustice to as many peoples attention as I can. Stay strong we are all behind you. Love and prayers to Monica and her family

  5. Thankyou so much for your welcome update re Our Australian Braveheart, your daughter Monica…..💪❤
    Funny how they thought, by doing this would make her and all of us tremble with fear, when in fact it has made Monica and RDA even more popular and her followers even stronger and more determined to crush these evil Godless commies….
    Thinking of you….much love to you all…Theresa Richardson❤
    PS: I received my black RDA hoodie yesterday and will proudly wear it 18th September in Brisbane!👍😁❤

  6. What an indictment on our society that there’s no freedom of the press in Australia
    If there were Monica’s story would be all over it
    Even Julian Assange has press coverage !

  7. She is a political prisoner. This is blatant government abuse of power to silence any debate or opposition and is sickening. All Australians should be ashamed that we have allowed this to happen.

  8. Thank you Mr & Mrs Smit for the wonderful update. Monica is a woman of strength and focus and great compassion. I admire her so very much. God bless her and keep her safe and focussed much love from WA xx

  9. Thank you John and Lise for everything you are doing. It can’t be easy for any of you right now.
    It was such a delight to meet you both in WA and l look forward to hearing from you again with some
    good news. Big hug to you both.
    With love Eugene.🌺

  10. My thoughts are with you more than you can imagine. You are both an inspiration. And Monica is a credit to you. Stay safe, strong and God bless you.

  11. Hello Monica I am so glad to hear you are fasting, gaining increased clarity and writing your first book. You are a great visionary leader and communicator and this country and this planet needs the young people like you. You are going through the fire and as you do, continuing to be refined, and you come out so much stronger. Thankyou Mr and Mrs Smit for your update and support. Kristine in Perth

  12. Thank you John and Lise for keeping Monica’s followers informed.
    I am sure that this young lady will go down in Australian history, and
    remember that only good is on her side. Love to Monica and her
    family, I also hope that Morgan is okay.

  13. Dear Mr and Mrs Smith and especially to Monica. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw that you’d been arrested and put into jail. I can’t believe that in 2021 that anyone so vibrant and outspoken as you, would be in jail for standing up for the rights of all Australians but especially us Victorians. I admire your intestinal fortitude, your strength and resilience. I hope you manage to stay positive and healthy and know we are all thinking of your plight for all of us. And I have to thank you for establishing the RDA directory as I’ve already used it myself and I’ve been contacted by a new client. So there you go, its working! Thank you Monica. Sending you much love and light and prayers for an early and justified release. Jennifer x

  14. God bless you both! Monica was obviously bought up with strong convictions and it shows through both of you maintaining positivity through such challenging circumstances. May God continue to keep you both and Monica strong! We will not loose the fight if we do not give up!

  15. I mailed Monica a letter and card today to Corrections Victoria GPO Box 123 Melbourne 3001 hopefully it will get to her new address in St. Albans Write to Monica
    If you would like to send Monica a letter or card, please address it to:
    Monica Smit
    C/O GPO Box 497
    St Albans
    Victoria 3021

    God Bless you both. You must be so proud.

  16. I’ve posted all monica update info on mewe know your rights group and advocateme forum. Hang in there John & Lisette i’m 110 % backing you. God Bless to you & your wonderful family from me & my family