Open letter from RDA to Scott Morrison


Why are you letting vaccine mandates happen under your watch?

Dear Mr Morrison,
I am writing to you, as the Prime Minister of this country, to urgently act to prevent further damage to Australian institutions and social fabric caused by the extreme ‘health’ policies of the state premiers, especially Daniel Andrews in Victoria. The reckless disregard for democratic checks and balances threatens to damage our country profoundly.
You specifically said there would never be vaccine mandates in Australia, that it would be ‘un-Australian’.
People are being forced into choosing between their health and their jobs, which is an ethical abomination that you have done nothing to stop. This is despite you assuring Australians that there would be no vaccine mandates and that the whole idea is “un-Australian”.
Maybe in the old Australia that was true. But in this new Australia, corrupted by a creeping medical tyranny, basic respect for equality – the Aussie ‘fair go’ that we used to be so proud of – has been thrown away. The premiers are aggressively creating two classes of citizens: the jabbed and the un-jabbed. This has happened on your watch.
Are we going to start jabbing children next with this untested gene therapy whose effects are unknown? It runs the risk of becoming child homicide. When health ‘experts’ claim these so-called vaccines are safe they are, beyond any reasonable doubt, lying. They cannot know that because the usual testing period for stage three drug trials is 10 years, not 10 months. Is it alright for health authorities to lie when anyone can see these drugs have not been properly assessed? They do not even meet the TGA’s definition of vaccines, which are supposed to use dead or weakened viruses or bacteria.
The failure of the health authorities, to be honest, is only one aspect of the political and ethical crisis that threatens to destroy the foundations of our society. The relationship between the Federal and State governments has been undermined. As you know, there are two Federal laws, the 1988 Privacy Act and the 2015 Biosecurity Act that should have constrained the reckless policies of the state premiers. But apparently, the states can be a law unto themselves with no push back from the Federal government. What will that mean for Federal-State relations in the future and for Federal law?
The Constitution has been undermined. The 1946 amendment that proscribes ‘civil conscription’ specifically bans people being coerced into taking vaccines; there have been many cases upholding precisely that. Yet coercion is exactly what is happening in Victoria with most workers being either forced to get the jab or losing their livelihood. Apart from the obvious fact that it is an ethical atrocity, it also deeply damages the law that is supposed to hold our society together. This happened under your watch.
Great harm has been done to the separation of powers. In Victoria, a state of emergency was declared which allowed the state government to make the Executive – which is supposed to execute the law, not make it – to become the de facto government. The ‘orders’ from the Chief Health Officer became quasi-law, enforced by threats of horrific fines. Since when do health bureaucrats make laws?
Now Daniel Andrews, with his proposed bill, is trying to put himself above the Legislature, to be able to avoid having to go to parliament, presumably by exploiting the premier’s ambiguous role as head of the Executive. This is not just an extraordinarily authoritarian measure it takes away the function of the Legislature to legislate. This is happening on your watch.
The judiciary has been toothless, preferring to avoid problems. I notice that judges are exempt from the vaccine mandates, which says it all. Doctors have been threatened with deregistration if they do not follow orders from above, which will destroy trust that many patients once had in their GPs. Many no longer believe doctors will protect their interests, or even consider them.
There is massive damage to the social fabric everywhere: falling trust in the police, in universities, in the health system – which is more accurately described as a coercion system – in the judiciary, in the companies that have been aggressively forcing their workers to take an experimental gene therapy. They say ‘people are their greatest asset’ but have not had a second thought about imposing a health procedure on them.
The Liberal Party is supposed to be the party of small government and personal freedoms. Yet when state governments attacked the people, removing a myriad of freedoms once taken for granted, where were you? Christian leaders are supposed to lift up the poor in spirit, the downtrodden. They are not supposed to go out of their way to create them. Yet now we live in a two-tier society, with the un-jabbed locked out. Where is the ‘fair go’ in that?
The anger in the Australian community is hidden because of the bullying nonsense, such as accusing people of being ‘anti-vaxx’ or a conspiracy theorist’ – literally meaningless attacks on the person rather than the argument. But the fury is intense. Many who took the jab because they felt they had no choice are enraged, and many who took the jabs willingly think the government has crossed the line. In our system of compulsory voting the enraged will vote; there will be a highly unpredictable backlash.
This disaster happened under your watch. Will it be what you want to look back on as your legacy? It is still possible to do something, and you are, after all, the Prime Minister of this once great country,

Monica Smit
Reignite Democracy Australia

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  1. Great letter and all with true facts! He is the one now that can put a stop to ridiculous behaviour by state premieres. And considering that we’re now shipping infected people to camps like in the NT, well that’s just shameful isn’t it? I didn’t know we’d become a new North Korean territory…

  2. They are all doomed ! Voluntary informed consent
    The nuremberg code applies they seem to forget, the person has to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion…….
    Then see the Nuremberg principles. Take note
    The Nuremberg trials established that all of humanity would be guarded by an international legal shield and that even a head of state would be held criminally responsible and punished for aggression and crimes against humanity.

    Australian commission on safety and quality in healthcare note! Ensuring informed consent is properly obtained is a legal ethical and professional requirement on the part of all treating health professionals and supports person centred care……

    Also the fact that the Covid criminal Anthony Fauci who may according to Dr Jane ruby be charged with felonies regarding the fraudulent activity he committed in regard to the emergency use application for these dangerous and damaging bio weapon vaccines fraud fraud fraud and you are all in this crime against the global population/crimes against humanity. My god you are all going to pay for your treasonous acts against the people.

  3. Great letter, good on you Monica. One thing I did notice that you sadly forgot to add is that Scomo has also openly stated that there is no vaccine mandate law in Australia.