Paediatrician says children as young as 12 should be vaccinated ‘against their parents wishes’

A Melbourne paediatrician has encouraged doctors to administer Covid-19 vaccines to children as young as 12 against their parents’ wishes, arguing it is both ethically and legally permissible.

John Massie, professor of paediatrics at the University of Melbourne, says there is “no ethical barrier” to vaccinating children under the “mature minor” doctrine – and that providers should not fear legal repercussions as the federal government has fully indemnified clinicians and drug makers against any adverse reactions.

Prof Massie is the co-author of an article in the Medical Journal of Australia published this week which examines the ethical considerations of vaccinating young people.

The article calls for the vaccination of children as young as 12 without parental consent to be adopted as a national standard, citing public health, the best interests of the child, and young people’s “right to privacy”.

“We’re trying to preserve parental involvement in the care and treatment decisions,” Prof Massie told the MJA Podcast.

“Parents are legal and natural decision-makers for their kids, but they don’t have absolute authority or absolute sovereignty over their kids … We wouldn’t be encouraging kids to keep it a secret unless they had to. We would like kids to tell their parents that they’ve had it.”


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  1. Things in Australia have degenerated to a dark and dangerous reality. When doctors present such disturbing words – and yes, their words were peer-reviewed too – Australians all over that country need to WAKE UP! and push back HARD!

    The evil spirit of the infamous Nazi killer SS Josef Mengele (aka the Angel of Death; he was a doctor who liked giving injections to children; he never did seek permission from parents) seems to be alive and well in the hearts of doctors Massie, Paxton, Crawford, Danchin, authors of this paper. In their own words, they admit not knowing what the situation is in Australia: “Internationally, young people have expressed a strong desire to be vaccinated to return to school and normal life, although comparable Australian data are lacking.” Masse et al. don’t have a number to stand on. But even if they did, such a number could never be the foundation of a logical, moral argument – which their argument is not.

    That a young person expresses a desire for something, does not confirm the appropriateness of or necessity for that thing. Young people want lots of things. But society and parents does/do not, rightly, rush to satisfy them. Instead of putting never-publicly revealed chemicals into their bodies just reopen the schools, reopen the sports centres, etc. without masks and passport nonsense. So-called covid vaccines and lockdowns have done more damage to Australians than any lack of so-called immunization. Immunization as proposed by Massie et al. does not prevent the disease from being acquired or transmitted. And far worse, is the fact that it can have fatal and long-lasting negative consequences. And we know this because the drug companies that manufacture this poison are indemnified, as too are the government agencies that want to protect you with it. They just want you not to worry if anything goes wrong like your 12-year old child looks like snuffing it. No worries because the Australian coalition government has a program for damaged suckers.

    It’s called the “COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme…to reimburse people who suffer a moderate to significant impact following an adverse reaction to an approved COVID-19 vaccine.” But what is an adverse reaction. Well here is what the Australian Department of Health says on this subject –

    “The list of adverse effects for claims purposes under the scheme include the following clinical conditions that are diagnosed by a treating doctor and are included in the approved product in-formation for the specific vaccine:
    • anaphylactic reaction
    • thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome
    • myocarditis
    • pericarditis
    • capillary leak syndrome
    • demyelinating disorders including Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS)
    • thrombocytopenia, including immune thrombocytopenia, identified as a final diagnosis.”

    But adverse reactions “not covered by the scheme includes:
    • COVID-19 (sic)
    • psychological and psychiatric conditions (e.g. shock)
    • secondary injuries (e.g. injury suffered when fainting, or a haematoma at the injection site that becomes infected)
    • the following other injuries unless they form part of the symptom complex of a clinical condition listed above: headache; fatigue; injection site reaction; muscle or joint pain; dizziness; diarrhoea; pain in extremity; fever; insomnia; nausea; vomiting; lethargy; hyperhidrosis; chills; decreased appetite; malaise; lymphadenopathy; somnolence; abdominal pain; pruritus; urticaria or rash; influenza-like illness; angioedema; anxiety-related reactions such as hyperventilation and fainting.”

    Good luck to all with that medico-legal bullshit. Note funeral costs are not mentioned anywhere.

    Finally, these four DOCTORS! say: “Our clinical experience has been that some young people are motivated to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, even when their parents do not wish for them to be vaccinated. How vaccine providers should respond to this request has not been clear.” But Reader, it is very clear. Has been for millennia. Parents or official guardians decide and respond, when it comes to medicine and those legally underage – not servants of pharmaceutical companies.

  2. How dare this medical tyrant close in on families. Trust the medical establishment to condone this baloney, and trust that families will stand firm and not allow the disintegration of communication between parents and children. What by the way is a ‘mature minor’?