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  1. I can’t believe Morrison is pushing the poison Vax onto 5 year olds or any children. He says he is a Christian, after him saying this on the news he is not a true Christian he is doing the work of evil.

    1. I can believe it. It is quite evident that he is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing and anything but a Christian. Anyone that promotes this Covid scam which only benefits the rich, is no Christian. He is a con man.

    2. Remember.
      This man, our Prime Minister, invited the leader of the Hillsong church to accompany him to the white house. This leader of the Hillsong church was refused entry to the White House because he has been charged with covering up the activities of his PEDOPHILE father. Oh, FYI, Scott Morrison is a member of the Hillsong church

    3. I was quite excited when he was elected…. thought it was a turnaround for Australia. I can hardly look at him now without feeling disgusted and ashamed to call my self Christian. I’d like not to judge but it’s very hard. I do wonder if his kids are lined up for their boosters. Or did they all get saline? Hillsong has a lot to answer to as far as hiding the fact that Brian Houston knew his father was a paedophile. Anyway God will be the one to deal with that. In the meantime we have to put up with Morrison, typically a politician, saying he’s a follower of Christ and doing otherwise. Hard not to judge 🙁

  2. When Morrison sat down with this repulsive Qantas Führer, right at the beginning and happly laughed when that guy declared: NO STAB NO FLY my first doubts about the PM stirred. Than he dropped Trump and bumkissed Biden as first political leader (sooo disloyal, after Trump had turned out the red carpet for him), then he bragged, during question time how BILL GATES had approved his handling of corona (Troyona). Then he totally failed to protect Australians from crims like Andrews and Palace Chuck…by then my jury was out: Scomo is either a coward or corrupt.

    My personal conclusion today is : he is both !

      1. I didn’t fly Qantas since their Führer turned it from the “Flying Kangaroo” into the “Flying Camel” nor will I ever fly with them again since they are at the forefront of the corona-jihad.

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