DON’T GET TESTED…and COVID disappears

It really is THAT SIMPLE!

Please share this far and wide…tell your family and friends to STOP GETTING TESTED.

It’s these tests that are being used to justify our home imprisonment.

The inventor of the PCR tests said himself that they are not meant to detect infectious diseases.

See for yourself in this presentation;

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  1. At 73 I was actually a bit nervous to go into the city although I have before for rallies. I decided to do the alternative so downloaded a repeating session of Advance Australia Fair, got my “You can say no”
    RDA notes from the last rally taped to my car and made the others you had like “no mandatory vaccines
    “ etc and stuck them to my rear windows. As I drove around for an hour, windows down Anthem on high, car lights on, it felt as though I was on a cloud. I even went to a liquor place in Preston where I stood outside my car with my walking stick for a while. A “brave” ( he thought) man tore off the “You can say no” post even though it didn’t say WHAT TO on the front. A bystander reminded me that I had a stick perhaps intimating that I should use it. Another couple of men sitting in a car told me that they get that I was patriotic (I dressed in red, white and blue) but to go fcku myself. I walked over to them and said they probably did that more than I did. I think next time I will venture into the City as although I felt brave but nervous, there is strength in numbers or UNITY IS STRENGTH.

    1. So proud of you! I didn’t have Advance Australia Fair on because I wasn’t sure how to achieve it, but Pomp and Circumstance came on which was wonderful. And then some jazz which the commentator said stood for freedom. My town is small but it felt good to be in solidarity with the protestors and you!! Well done, it’s all the little things and big things together that will make a difference.

  2. Hey I just had an idea…It’s a bit out there. I think the problem is people on facebook etc when you share this stuff just either tune out as have knee jerk reactions to “those conspiracy theorists” and “those selfish people” as are listening to the media.

    What if with a small generator we run a computer monitor under a sheltered area like a supermarket or on shopping strip infront of an empty shop ( is that legal?) and even have a sausage sizzle.

    Only thought of sausage sizzle as a way to put people in a good mood.

    Anyway if they actually have people standing there expaining the footage they might watch it.

    I assumed when I saw the horse pic come up on FB that there really was some assh0le who punched a horse too. It’s only if you look closely you see his fist isn’t clenched and if you watch vid you posted it’s clear he wasn’t hurting the horee, but protecting himself from being trampled by raising his arm.

    Just need people to point out these things, bottle of tomato sauce in hand “Do you want sauce” to break up the shock lol

    I think the problem isn’t that the messages aren’t out there, or that the footage isn’t out there ( Avi Yemini has heaps of good stuff ) but people just “are against” it.

    We could even show footage of PCR fraud like the WHO vid saying 40 cycles is too many, that 30 is max, ( even though 24 is max lol ) and the NSW Health website saying they are using 40 cycles.

    If a real person there is there to point these things out, I think it’s harder to ignore.

      1. It’s a great idea, don’t know about logistics, legality etc. But ideas are what we need, the more the better!
        I started collecting newspaper articles talking about deaths from the jabs etc. I photocopied on to an A4 and am putting them up on community bulletin boards etc. Also, if l get accosted by someone wanting me to show exemption or whatever I accost them back with one of these papers. It’s terrible how ignorant people are and I think they genuinely want to be informed most of the time. It’s important to write the date of the newspaper on the article too.
        Keep on keeping on.

  3. Well I went driving around the neighbourhood last Saturday 24th, signs on car, anthem playing. Stopped at a few places and stood outside the car with my walking stick. At Dan Murphy’s Preston a man ripped the YOU CAN SAY NO sign of the car and two other men in their car told me to go and fcku myself. I walked up to them and said they probably did that more than I did. I am 73 and they showed no hesitation in harassing, swearing at me and who knows what else they are possible of doing. I am not new to this and have experience before but these were a new breed of Agro threats. You feel you almost need a security guard with you.