Don’t say no to the vaccine…say this.

We must be smarter than a simple NO. How about saying…

‘Not yet..I’m waiting for long-term data’.

‘I might have had it, but I don’t wish to disclose that information, thanks for your concern’.

Whatever you do…DON’T QUIT your job due to coercion and bullying tactics. Stand your group and let them fire you if it comes to that. Then consider unfair dismissal charges against them.

We are in for the fight of our lives and we all need each other to be strong!!! We’re counting on each other.


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  1. Monica, I wish i could discuss on your posts on Telegram, can you please look at my profile and see why one of your admin banned me? I think it is a mistake.
    Specially at the moment when I am very distress and scared of loosing my job in September. I work in age care ILU community at Baptcare so not in residential age care, yesterday i had a 2h meeting with my manageress trying to prove me how good is the vaccine for me health…. I am a very healthy person, never sick and never take medication apart from natural. I said i am not ready to have this experiment. She said I better think because I only have a few weeks to decide. She also said that the residents might not want me if I am not vaccinated… They have no right to ask and also they all have been vaccinated as well as all my collegues, i am the only only. I said also that i don’t consider myself a risk for all of them… I am lost and scared. Please can you help? Thank you and stop the banne on Telegram. Joelle