Every Business is Essential – RDA Interviews Melbourne Business Owner Jomana

Melbourne business owner tells of their story opening during 2020 and how they’ve managed through some of the toughest restrictions in the world.

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  1. Great interview. Be good if Jomana had a Telegram account or other besides facebook and insta, both of which I have removed myself from. I would like to join her group.

  2. The QR codes and masks have stopped me shopping at anywhere that enforces them. Another LOSE for the dumb arse powers that will soon be tried for Crimes Against Humanity.

    1. Their loss.  Remember these places when it’s over (and it will be!) and choose not to shop there. They could have made a stand and chose not too.

  3. Thank you, Jomana. More sense than any of the media, pollies & medical ‘experts’ who have removed free speech and debate from any opposing views. Hope all goes well in court and your business.

  4. I was shopping at Woolworths, having my shopping delivered,
    then I decided to change, saved from all of that because
    we are moving house. Those who won’t accept us will all fall
    in a hole, just like Andrews.