The Suspicious August 27th Coroner Report that Extended the Lockdown

DISCLAIMER – this is an opinion piece based on extensive research

TRIGGER WARNING: This post discusses suicide in the context of Victoria’s various lockdowns, restrictions and forced business closures (Stage 3 and Stage 4). It has the potential to trigger, so please be aware of the subject material, and understand that it is being explored for the purpose of illuminating what I contend are two deliberately falsified ‘suicide reports’ by the State Coroner, Judge John Cain (January 1st to August 26th, released August, 2020) and (January 1st ,to December 31, released January 18th, 2021)

ABSTRACT: What follows is a discussion examining the motives for presenting a misleading report, why they are likely false, and how the focussed efforts of researchers (and perhaps a future whistle-blower, or two), might yield the true results and finally expose the suppressed suicide numbers. If we can bring this to light, we will have compelling evidence of coordinated criminality between the Andrews’ Government and the State Coroner. The hope is that we might prevent future lockdowns, highlight and undermine the ‘New Normal’ agenda, and ultimately hold the Andrews’ Government to account.

CONTENTION: State Coroner Judge John Cain’s reports on Victorian suicides (during the period of January 1 – August 26, and January 1 – December 31) were falsified. The true number of suicides is much greater. This was done to protect and preserve the Andrews Government’s pandemic strategy. It effectively sustained the ‘New Normal’ agenda: furthering the path to the Davos Group’s envisioned “Great Reset” and the installation of a v8ccine obsessed Medical-Technocratic Tyranny.


According to the Coroner’s Report:

‘Between January 1 and August 26 (2020), 466 Victorians took their own lives. This was broadly consistent with the same period last year, when 468 Victorians died by suicide, and in 2018, when 461 Victorians took their own lives in the eight months to August 26.’

So, supposedly, during a protracted lockdown period in which the cohesion of society was irrationally torn asunder, and all elements of normality were chaotically interrupted; while taking into consideration the immense trauma inflicted upon the population by the government’s extraordinarily inhumane measures deemed necessary to ‘flatten the curve’ and ‘protect the most vulnerable’ and the incessant 24-7 bombardment of media-induced hysteria, paranoia and disorientating lies; countless businesses closed, careers ended, jobs lost and incomes severed and uncertain; with domestic pressures from lockdown, isolation, debt and unemployment provoking relationship disharmony, mental illness and violence fuelled by drug addiction, alcoholism, stress, depression and despair; while acknowledging the numerous anecdotal evidence and stories shared (I personally heard of 9 suicides amongst my extended social circle, none of which I knew personally, but expressed to me by those I trust would not mislead) — Victorians are to unquestionably believe that there were actually 2 less suicides during the same period than the previous year?

Obviously this is a monstrous lie.

Reports at the time of a widespread belief in ‘a 200% increase’ seem more plausible, and consistent with the reality endured – yet this was hastily “debunked” once the Coroner’s Court released their ‘be all and end all’ report.

How convenient.

Many empathic individuals suspected the lockdown suicides to be the actual true pandemic, and that the State Coroner would ethically reveal the real human tragedy outnumbering those who had supposedly died of C.OVID (just prior to the orchestrated “Second Wave – 800 deaths – Nursing Home Massacre Hotel Quarantine Debacle” that would result in a 111-day Stage 4 lockdown commencing August 2nd).

Judge Cain did not.

I suspect that the suicides are the real “pandemic” and this is the suppressed devastating truth. It is devastating for all of us, and it would be politically devastating for Dan Andrews.

The truth of the actual numbers would have abruptly ended the lockdown and immediately dismantled Andrews’ agenda; while protecting us all from any future attempts to lockdown Victoria again – that is essentially why the truth has been suppressed.


Fortunately, for our Premier, the favourable Coroners’ Report conveniently snuffed the legitimate concerns of many dissenters and advocates for human rights and civil liberties – encouraging his cultish Leftist supporters to antagonise those that had claimed that the rate of suicide had increased astronomically. It created further societal division. “No evidence,” they defiantly retorted. “Judge Cain knows best! Dan is good! You are bad. Lockdowns good. Freedom bad. Stay home. Save lives!”

Given that Judge Cain had not revealed what should have been logical and obvious, but rather, presented an improbable statistic that contradicted everyone’s reasonable expectation – Andrews had no compelling human reason (that might disrupt the ever-droning ‘stay home, save lives’ cult-mantra) to reassess his approach. His Leftist Legions continued with their spellbound adoration, and Andrews effectively doubled-down, became even more oafishly autocratic and arrogantly unaccountable, and continued with his ruthless and unscientific Stage 4 ‘Martial Law’ lockdown for an additional 87-days!

Many more lives would have been lost due to the continuance of Andrews’ devastating lockdown.

Tellingly, there was no additional media release of the number of suicides throughout that continued lockdown period.

However, on January 18th, the despicable State Coroner presented another fictitious report. Claiming that the lockdown period between ‘January 1 and December 31 last year saw 20 fewer suicides than 2019.’

Another monstrous lie!

Despite a ‘spike of more than 40 per cent in calls for help to mental health hotlines’:

‘698 Victorians took their own lives between January 1 and December 31 last year. This was 20 fewer suicides than in 2019, when there were 718 deaths. In 2018, 717 people died by suicide. There were fewer deaths by suicide in 2016 and 2017, with 653 and 694 fatalities respectively.’
Like the contempt for justice exhibited by the former Judge Jennifer Coate, who oversaw the staged ‘C.OVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Inquiry,’ and farcically ruled: that none in the Andrew’s Government were at fault, because ‘none could remember whether they did anything wrong, because they said they couldn’t remember’ – Judge John Cain is also an amoral criminal of the same corrupt persuasion.

Each Judge has been utterly compromised and has lied on behalf of a compromised government to further advance the overarching New Normal agenda.

Andrews’ held us all in captivity, and needlessly crippled Victoria, and all Victorians.

A deliberately falsified Coroner’s Report enabled this.

If the number of official suicides had truly reflected the tragic human toll of the lockdown (which the actual numbers surely do) – it would have forced a dramatic reassessment and redirection.

Victorians would have demanded it.


Unfortunately, I feel that the Judge Cain has kept the statistics from us.

Although it is merely rationally derived speculation – it is only logical that Andrews and Judge Cain might have colluded to ensure that the “official” numbers did not alarm, and did not threaten his leadership or the continuation of his strategy. The motivation for collusion and deception is apparent and consistent with the pathological deception that has defined the Andrews’ Government.

Tellingly, despite Judge Cain also announcing that:

‘…the Coroners Office would release monthly reports on suicide trends to support safe and open conversations about suicide and suicide prevention.

“There is clearly growing awareness and community concern regarding mental health and suicide – and everyone should have access to the facts,” Judge Cain said.’

There was no monthly report or update.


The suspicious omission of these proposed monthly suicide updates is a dereliction of expressed duty and represents a criminal abuse of both office and title. Obviously, the omission served to protect and shield the Andrews’ Labour Government throughout, and up to the present moment.


By concealing the number of suicides, the Victorian lockdown was able to continue (to “stay home, save lives”), and Victorians were further exploited as an essential “staged fear-theatre” to keep Australia’s “pandemic” from being irrelevant – which would make the forthcoming v8ccine unnecessary and unmarketable.

The Federal Government’s ‘Advance Marketing Commitment’ contract with the various v8ccine manufacturers required a state (Victoria) to be scapegoated for the purpose of an Australia-wide marketing of their v8ccine product.

Thus, the ‘Advance Marketing Commitment’ demanded by CEPI’s contract brokered on behalf of the Federal Government and AstraZeneca – preparing the population (by propaganda and needless lockdowns) for the forthcoming National V8ccine rollout would continue as Andrews showed a ‘commitment’ to ‘market’ the product in ‘advance’ (for all Australia) by keeping us firmly clamped in the devastating pandemic fiction.

Like every aspect essential to installing and perpetuating the C.OVID Tyranny – the true number of those who have taken their lives as a result of the protracted lockdown has been suppressed.

If we knew the actual number, the “pandemic” and the extensive lockdown would have ended immediately.

I was told (and I would appreciate corroboration, anonymous or otherwise, email: season.of.reason@protonmail.com) that the Andrews’ Government placed a ‘gag order’ on all those working for the Coroner’s Court and office. The same “gag order” was also imposed upon all the Funeral Directors (especially after the Tobin Brother’s Director expressed his harrowing dismay at the number of suicide funerals his distressed and distraught staff were overseeing (a link to the original video interview can be found in the comments below).

I wrote to all of Melbourne’s funeral directors last September requesting a reasonable insight into the situation (hoping for a whistle-blower); and none (including Tobin Brothers) returned a response.

One insider from the Coroner’s Court who claims that they are “all gagged,” revealed to me that the number was not 466.

According to this anonymous source: the number was closer to 4000… and that was the total before the additional 87 days of lockdown oppression and the accumulative social repercussions that ensued.

4000 needlessly lost lives?

This revelation inspired this post, and it is part of my endeavour to reveal the actual truth to all Victorians.

If such a high suicide number is indeed the actual number (and logic dictates that this is not only probable, but most likely) and that this can be corroborated, and revealed as factual – the Andrew’s Labour Government would be deposed in a fortnight.

Dan Andrews has killed our people, our fellow Victorians, our friends, our family members, our children – and he, along with all those who aided and abetted this monumental criminal undertaking, must be held to account for perpetrating this heinous Crime Against Humanity.

There needs to be a Royal Commission on Lockdown Suicides.

We must demand it!

Please email: season.of.reason@protonmail.com if you can help with any relevant aspect of this on-going investigation. Collaboration on presenting the truth is welcomed.

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