Fiona Patten and her Reason Party violate domain name regulations to gain web traffic

Author – Karla Ann

Where do you think these domains lead?

To their respective namesakes and legal entities, right?  WRONG!

They appear to have been commandeered by Fiona Patten’s Reason party, since that’s where you’ll find yourself if you visit these domains.

The listed registrant for all the above domains is Jorian Gardner, which online searches reveal is a taxpayer funded Parliamentary staffer[1] of Fiona Patten.

Not only does this demonstrate the underhanded tactics the Reason Party are using to garner support, but is also in direct violation of the auDA (.au Domain Administration) regulations[2] that stipulate a domain name must be “an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of the registrant’s name or trademark”, or “otherwise closely and substantially connected to the registrant…” and that “the content on the website to which the domain name resolves must be related specifically and predominantly to subject matter denoted by the domain name; and … must not be, or incorporate, an entity name, personal name or brand name in existence at the time the domain name was registered.” [3]

So, rather than engaging in a healthy and fair political debate, legitimately sharing ideas and policy, or gaining supporters in their own right, the Reason Party are more interested in soliciting support by impersonating their opponents and breaching licensing regulations to do so.

While the legitimate parties named in the domains should be flattered the Reason Party seems so threatened by their popularity to have steer supporters elsewhere, this blatant abuse of intellectual property and deception can’t go unnoticed.

Whether Gardner was acting under Patten’s direction we can’t know for sure. If he remains in her employ, then we have our likely answer.

Reason Party – these tactics show Australia what you really stand for and the type of people you are.

[1] Jorian Gardner, Fiona Patten staffer: News Archive – Page 13 of 65 – Fiona Patten – Leader of the Reason Party;


[3] Schedule C, Eligibility and allocation rules for,

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  1. The sad thing is that even taking this to court will cost more $$$ than simply just getting getting back the domain name(s). Not to mention Fiona Patten will be able to access government funds (our taxpayers dollars) to pay for these lawsuits / barristers.