For Victoria’s Sake, Premier Dan Must Go

In the early 90s, under Premier Joan Kirner, Victoria was known as the Albania of the South. Under Premier Dan Andrews Victoria is now known as Australia’s Venezuela.

Both Kirner and Andrews emerged from the ALP’s socialist left and, unlike the more conservative NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr, are consumed by the need to impose a destructive, neo-Marxist agenda.

On the election campaign trail, Premier Andrews recently boasted that as a result of his leadership, Victoria has “the most progressive government in the nation”.

Translation: Victoria is now Australia’s epicentre of far-left, woke ideology destroying citizens’ freedoms and way of life.

Victoria’s descent into a totalitarian, one-man state under Andrews’s incessant campaign to deny basic liberties and cancel common sense should not surprise.

As a lifelong university student radical and trade union apparatchik who never has had a real job, Andrews is deeply committed to politically correct ideology in health, education, religion and conscience.
Even though Andrews describes himself as a committed Catholic with decisions guided by his religious faith, his track record based on neo-Marxist inspired secularism and hostility to religion proves the opposite.

Under Andrews’s reign, priests, rabbis and imams plus health counselors and parents are subject to fines and imprisonment if they suggest to vulnerable children they should not automatically take puberty blockers and undergo life-changing surgery in order to transition.

As a Catholic, Andrews should be well aware of the church’s teachings against state-sanctioned suicide and abortions but this has not stopped him legislating to allow euthanasia and what amounts to abortion on demand. Even worse is that doctors and medical practitioners who refuse to comply or be complicit in such procedures because of their religious beliefs are pressured to conform. Faith-based schools have lost the freedom to enrol students and employ staff willing to abide by a school’s religious teachings and beliefs.

It’s not just Andrews’s attacks on religious freedom that prove how woke and left he is. Government departments waste thousands of dollars on “they” days, when public servants are warned not to offend LGBTIQ+ people by using gender-specific pronouns like he and she. Public servants are told “language is socially constructed” and a person’s identity is fluid and limitless, because “identities within an individual may come, go or converge depending on time or place (for example, life stages)”.

Victorians are allowed to change the sex recorded on their birth certificates, and in primary schools children are taught girls can be boys, boys can be girls and it is unacceptable to use gender-specific language as it is “heteronormative”.

In schools, boys are made to feel that all males are potentially violent and misogynistic. In one school, boys were told to stand and apologise to the girls for being males.

Students are also taught the world is about to end because of global warming, the First Fleet was an invasion and society is racist and guilty of white supremacy.

Andrews’s actions during the Covid pandemic further illustrate how, much like Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro, he is prepared to cancel liberties and freedoms long taken for granted.

Melbourne became the most locked-down city in the world. Citizens were fined and threatened with imprisonment even when going about their lawful business. Police violence using rubber bullets and capsicum spray became commonplace.

Instead of sharing responsibilities with his cabinet colleagues, the Premier acts as if he is all powerful. Any who question or disagree, like one-time Health Minister Jenny Mikakos, are thrown under the bus.

The way Andrews ignored the plight of small businesses during the pandemic, enforcing months of shutdowns, closing restaurants, hotels and bars at short notice, also proves how he is a creature of the socialist left.

Celebrated British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously said: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Thatcher should have added that socialists also burden future generations with intolerable debt.

Andrews, even worse than Joan Kirner when she was Premier, has turned Victoria into a financial basket case, with historic levels of debt at the very time of increased interest rates guaranteeing years of even more debilitating financial loss.

Oliver Cromwell, the British military officer chiefly responsible for the execution of Charles I, is famous for saying to the members of parliament: “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go”. The same applies to Premier Andrews.

Dr Kevin Donnelly

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