A Freedom Friendly Minor Party (FFMP)

Officially launching on 21st January 2022, the Australian Values Party shares their Australian Values that many can support. The AVP, another great Freedom Friendly Minor Party – put them before the Majors.

The following is from their website. You can visit their website here

Values are a shared set of principles or standards of behaviour that help to set the expectations for how we treat each other, and what we believe to be important in life.

In establishing the Australian Values Party, we drew upon seven key values that every Australian can uphold in their own lives and expect to see in return from our government and its representatives. These values will form the basis for assessing and justifying every piece of legislation considered in parliament by the AVP:

1. Respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual

2. Commitment to the rule of law
Which means that all people are subject to the law and should obey it.

3. Equality of opportunity for all people
Regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, race, or national or ethnic origin.

4. Freedom of religion
Including the freedom not to follow a particular or any religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of association.

5. Parliamentary democracy
Whereby our laws are determined by parliaments elected by the people, those laws being paramount and overriding any other inconsistent religious or secular “laws”.

6. Recognising the English language
As our shared national language, as an important unifying element of Australian society, while also recognising and encouraging our diversity of languages.

7. A ‘fair go’ for all
That embraces mutual respect, tolerance, compassion for those in need, equality of opportunity for all.



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  1. Thank you so much for bringing people like Heston and his party to our attention. It is so refreshing to see people like this coming into Australian politics….people with integrity and ethics and a genuine desire to put what’s best for Australia first.

    This seems be be a common theme among the emerging minor parties .I have listened to a lot of Riccardo Bosi’s work with Australia One and have just seen the video Rebel News did on the Liberal Democrats. I just met United Australia Party’s Andrew Middleton and Andrea Tokaji and was very impressed with the passion they had to do what’s best for Australia and to get all the corruption out. I am sure there are many others I don’t know yet.

    Like Heston, all these people have sacrificed much in the way of time energy and money to do what they are doing. They are all aware of the massive propaganda that will be used against them.

    If anyone needs more proof that Labor,Liberals and Greens need to be voted last ,just listen to the abuse and ridicule Craig Kelly received from the people who are meant to be acting in our best intrest, when he asked had sonic weapons been used on the people.?

    A huge thank you to Heston and the rapidly growing number of others who are stepping up when Australia needs you most.